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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday’s child 3.0

Quiet I can’t hear a thing. Turn down that radio I can’t hear a thing. Did you hear that, what was it? I’m sorry but could you say that again I did not hear you?

The hearing impaired, deaf, there are many who cannot hear, not a sound. Can you imagine not being able to hear? Not to hear a bird sing, or the sound of danger, or the words “I Love you”. Yet there are people who live out their lives never hearing a thing. They are blessed in they cannot hear the slurs and name calling spoke in front of them like Dummy and worse. Most deaf people prefer to live apart from the hearing because we are too noisy.  When I hear some of the comments made by some I get real mad and would like to take away their heading. Maybe put a fire cracker in their ears and set it off.  I have seen people poke fun at the deaf and worse I seen some teenage boys go up behind a deaf person and make lewd gesture and popping a paper bag. I don’t see the humor in that.
Those that were born deaf generally don’t learn to speak although some have learned to make some sounds. The language of the deaf is hand talking or American Sign Language ASL.  Here is a video you might like done in ASL.

Some months ago I got some hearing aids although the sound of crickets can be annoying it was great to hear their song after not hearing it for many years. The nice thing is I can take them out and get to sleep and not listen to them.  I am not deaf but closer to it than I would like to be. I do get tired of asking people to repeat what they say and using the phone is a communication nightmare.

Question for you, what would do for a deaf person, could you make the world of the deaf better? Well you can. All you have to do is learn to sign. It won’t cost you a thing. You can learn online for free.  Here is the link.

With all these text phones when you meet some who is deaf you can talk with them by taping out your greeting and welcome to the world of the deaf. We could make the world a better place for all by requiring all schools to teach ASL to all students. Make it a required course for graduating. Then the deaf can hear.

What are your thoughts? Will you pelage to learn ASL and invite the deaf into your world?
Thank you for coming by and may god bless you with good hearing.


Bongo said...

AWESOME video...As always...XOXOXOXOOX

Debra said...

As a former interpreter for the deaf, you know I have a heart for these folks. I have a long history of working with the deaf culture, so you’ve really struck a chord here, my friend.
Over 8.6% of Americans are hearing impaired. Some of the causes are: the aging process, heredity, birth defects, tumors, infections, long exposure to loud noises, etc. It‘s our job to learn as much as we can to be able to communicate with them.
I also taught sign language for a number of years. My daughter Abi was in my class. When the students were proficient enough in sign language I took them to the School for the deaf (ENCSD), The Deaf Ministry Center, and The Wilson Regional Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. At ENCSD we taught mime workshops to elementary – high school students. My students also spent time volunteering in the classroom, working on academic subjects with the elementary students. Not only did we make new friends, but we had the learning experience of a lifetime! To this day, I remain friends with many of them.

Mary said...

Roy, that is how my daughter learned to speak. She wouldn't say words or make sounds when she was a baby, so they taught her sign language. Each time we signed we would say the word and eventually, she began to talk.
She still has speech problems at 14 yrs old

Tameka said...

Roy in my prayers I always thank God for my hearing. It is a precious thing that most take for granted until it is gone. I have a good friend whose son has a hearing disability and I have learned a lot from listening to her stories and what she had to go through. Bless you for always writing about sensitive and important issues.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Roy, this really struck close to home. Both my parents have hearing aids and, even with them, sometimes it is still difficult for them to hear, especially on the phone as you mentioned.

I have what's known as "middle-ear" hearing loss; if there is a lot of commotion around me, I cannot hear someone speaking to me unless I get up close to them and/or read their lips.

Whenever I think about loss of hearing, I am reminded of Beethoven's tragic loss of his. Yet, while totally deaf, he composed his incomparable 9th Symphony.

There is no disability impossible to overcome when we have faith.

Thanks for this beautiful reminder to us all, Roy!


Larry Lewis said...

The more i read your blog, the more i like it. You really are one of the 'good' guys.

Anonymous said...

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