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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 11-08

When it comes to blogging there are some who blog with a loud voice and some who whisper.  The one I am picking on today is one with a sweet voice.  Who‘s blog is a reflecting place musing passion for life, and love. When we think of art the first thing that comes to mind is painting, and drawing. Well you will find that there and caring for those in need of love. With a poet soul and the grace of angles it is written.

Ok it’s you tube Tuesday so here we go “YouTube Tuesday, adopted from Josh at Its Tiger Time, is a day set aside for sharing your favorite video.
Feel free to join in each week and see how creative we bloggers can be. Each month, Josh will highlight a selected video and present the winner with the ‘YouTube Tuesday’ Award.
If you participate, remember to leave your YouTube Tuesday link at Its Tiger Time as well as all the blogs you visit.”

The blogger I am picking this week, I just don’t know how to say thank you to, she has help with making one of my dreams come true. Her art is the feature that has given life to and has made it possible to publish my first book. Giving her this award is only a small token of the honor she deserves. To Melissa Tandoc

I give to you the milk bucket award for blogging excellent.

 Her blog is here give her a visit, you won’t be sorry.

Just a sample of her work in the book that will be available next week:

The cover



Thank you again Mellissa, god bless.

Thank you all for coming by and god bless 


Jerly said...

Great! So u did the art work here Melissa! Congrats. good work..

Anna said...

Great song Roy and congratulations Melissa! You both have done a wonderful job on the cover :)

Mary said...

Roy, I love the scenery in your video. It goes so well with the music :)
And Melissa! What a spectacular job you did with the artwork...congratulations!

Bongo said...

Congrats deserving....nice song Roy...As always....XOXOXOXOX

SJ said...

Congratulations on your first book Roy, what a wonderful tribute and collaboration for Melissa. Two very beautiful people joined in excellence x

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Congratulations..and yes..Melissa is the best.
my link:

Leah Griffith said...

You certainly picked a lovely winner Roy. Congratulations Melissa!

Andy said...

Hello Roy. Hope you are well.
The collaboration between you & Melissa is awesome.

Congrats Melissa, a most deserving award!

The video has some nice scenery too.
Thanks for sharing.

My latest post:
Queen Of Flowers

Whitetiger said...

Great!! :)

Rachel Hoyt said...

Awww, that Melissa is sweet indeed. Congrats on your book!

Jessica M said...

Melissa is an amazing artist...:) Congrats to both of you. Loved the video too.

melissa said...

You made me do things I've never imagined for myself Roy. It was never in my wish list to illustrate for a children's book. And look at this wonderful make me blush.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. Gosh, you made me so happy about myself :D...


*Thanks for the compliments :)

tbaoo said...

well done roy and of course melissa, writing a song and having the allman brothers sing it is truly special ;) no such talent here–-11/

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