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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 11-22

Somebody is picking on me. I wonder who it could be; well this person is very special they have known many heart aches, but is the much better for them. This person writes about her life and that of her son, and family and some of the hardships she has face and won. Here is what she says about her Blog.

 “Just my thoughts on life and all that entails. I am a spiritual person, I am struggling with lots of issues right now and may vent, whine, pray, celebrate, but most often I will just be sharing my stories. I am, in this season of my life a storyteller. Sharing my stories in hopes that something may be meaningful for someone who stumbles upon this blog”

Who am I? I don't know yet. But, as I continue to sculpt the bricks, and to choose to not give in to the fear I will find out. The fears used to blind and bind me for years, and now they only blind me for a few days. That is victory along the journey. It will be an amazing healing journey through the season of darkness, and of course spring should follow.
Who am I? Not sure, but I think I will love her into existence. 

Well it’s you tube Tuesday and she like music that has heart so here we go.

 Josh from "its tiger time" came up with you tube Tuesday. Every Tuesday we set a day aside for sharing a favorite video. Feel free to join in and let's have fun seeing how creative us bloggers can be! The video can be about anything. If you participate, please remember to leave your link at josh´s site, where this event originated from. 

Ok now she does not post but once or twice a week however it always high quality and a good read. So I will give her blog four horse shoes and Award her the milk bucket. So here she is Ester belle or just EB  

Well the fat lady thinks. Give her a visit and you might want to follow I do. 

Thank you for your time and may god bless your days


SJ said...

Can't beat a little bit of Ella, such an amazing voice. One of my favourite songs Roy x

Kriti said...

She is really amazing! But I love how you started your story Roy - loved reading it and re-read it again. It has nice little tid-bits for the journey : )

Alpana Jaiswal said...

You always have something special Roy,a pleasure see this.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

my link:

EstherBelle said...

Dear friend Roy, you made me cry! Honoring me on Pick On Me Tuesday, I am humbled!! Then posting Ella in the same post!! Thank you so much.

JANU said...

Enchanting voice.

Bongo said...

unfortunately I remember this song.....As always....XOXOXO

Rachel Hoyt said...

LOVE that song. Thanks for making me listen to it! ;)

Mary said...

She possesses such a powerful, mesmerizing voice :)

Anna said...

Congratulations EB! And love your YTT pick this week Roy :)

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