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Thursday, November 10, 2011

poe-a-tree hop 10-11

This week on the Poe-a-tree hop the theme or prompt is about the change in seasons, what is your favorite season? Summer, fall, spring or winter, how do you feel about the change of seasons? write your poem, story, or photo essay , and post add your link , have fun.

“Mothers Whim”

There is a lady out there
With stars in her hair
Season change
What to where

A bridal gown of white
A Sunday floral breezy and light
A flowing dress of green
A coat shade of gold

Sumer days winter nights
Harvest moon spring time tune
 Do lover swoon
Under the glow of the moon

Winter lover snowy kiss
Lucid universe brilliants laugh
Breezing smolder women’s perfume haunts seer blush
Wet dance iced fever not question more

Poetry’s soft baby girl squirm fever on ice
Decay moist kiss wet dance too
But haunting blush decay no I ask softy
Muddle of question at more think more not

Lucent universe brilliants laugh
Women’s perfume haunts seer blush
Is this to be?
A Mother’s whim

Thank you and God bless

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Alpana Jaiswal said...

Beautiful Roy...I love it.

Andy said...

Hello Roy
I love the lighthearted imagery of your poem.
Nicely done!
I'll be back to read more as/when others link up too.
Thanks for hosting.

Seasons Of Beauty

JANU said...


Rimly said...

Loved this poetry of yours Roy

Leah Griffith said...

Roy, this was gorgeous!!

Bongo said...

Beautiful :) As always XOXOXOXOXOX

Larry Lewis said...

Your talent oozes

Jan said...

great one Roy!

Anonymous said...

Great! thanks for the share!

the blogger who read and comment

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