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Monday, December 12, 2011

lot 12-02-11

Dec second and up at 4:00 AM and the house is quite I am at my son house where we spent the night. I had got a call from my insurance company vice president in charge of sales for the state of Utah, lasted evening and he said he had a group of volunteers agents that would be at  my home at 10:15 AM to do cleanup around my home, and he ask if I could be there to supervise.  I sat there in the dark in my son’s kitchen with a microwave cup of leftover coffee from last evening and tried to make some sense of all that had happened with the roof being blown off my home, I had a million plus two questions, and I had no answers.

I know some may say it was an act of god, or I am being punished for something and others may want to blame someone or thing for what has happen.  Well I could say why me lord or curse the weather, or maybe the person who build my home and did not think of what would happen to it in a 102 mile per hour wind. Well we don’t get wind like this but once every hundred years or so. As far as the lord goes he had his hand on us keeping us safe from harm.  Had my wife and I been sitting in our chairs we would have been seriously hurt when the celling fell. The world turns at a high rate of speed, and the sun shines on us all, good or bad. The lord helps all good or bad, it up to us to except his help or not.

When I learn to ride a bike my dad was there to help, but the time came for me to ride without his support but not without his love and caring. The lord is a good father who cares and provides for us. It is the devil who tries to blame any and all for the things that happen in the course of time. He would lead us a stray with all his blame, I would blame him for it all but he has no power over me or my life. I will put my faith in god and rejoice I have a birthday party to go to on the 25th and that will be fun and no cake.

Thank you for coming by, and God bless


Andy said...

That's a beautiful sight Roy!
Uplifting post too.
Thanks for sharing, my friend.
See you soon!

Daisy said...

Wonderful post Roy, your humility is admirable, I admire you greatly.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Awesome post, Roy! Yes, God is good, all the time, rain or shine.
So happy that your new roof is on!
Oh, and I'll be attending that same party . . .:)

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