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Saturday, April 2, 2011

lot of bees

It is the day of the Bee
A lot of bees to challenge your Bee
 Have you seen a bee?
Bob is a bee
Here is as busy as a bee Bronzilla Sheppard  find her it the garden

You can find a bee somewhere here Kathy Boles-Turner

The is buzzing sound all over town it is found here Patricia Baudin

Here there one in the middle MaryBeth Mulhal

Here is another one Diane LeBow in the middle

These are great blogger bees
Just one more bee Jackie Buxton

Well it off to the Cee, there are too many Bees

Thank you and God Bless

Friday, April 1, 2011

lot of challenge

Welcome to the blog challenge A to Z
“A” most uttered sound by man.

The A list

Well Anna lives in the wilderness of Alaska, she is a writer.  Her blog novel is The Fortunes of Magic has 61 chapters, and counting. She has graciously helped me with my novels by providing edits of my material. She writes a blog on writing her passion.  Anna’s obsession  

What can I say about Austin; well he is a one heck of a blogger.  I have not read any of his books; But I think I will, when he write one.  He knows how to get a discussion going. His blog is always an interesting read. He read a lot.

Then there is Andrew, ha ha ha lol that’s me. My evolving blog novel, see it evolve form rough drafts to, I hope a publish novel. here is the hero of my novel  Avon

That’s it for the A‘s today.

Thank you and God bless.
You will need it , you have a lot of reading to do.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

lot of one

The last one
I did it the last one
From march one
To march thirty- one

A poem every day
Some do play
Some will say
I do say hooray

It is my hope
This is not a joke
You have enjoyed what I wrote
If you did just leave a note

March came in like a lamb
Thankful I am
An umbrella in hand I’m not Lie an
March leaves like a lion

April to appeal
Something that is real
Like those shower
And the pretty flowers

Thank you and God Bless

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

lot of cowboy

The contest is set
The riggin’ checked
The grounds are cleared
The crowd is hushed

The pickups poised
The gloves pull tight
The spurs are checked
The hat squared

The top of the couch
The setting in
The announcer called
Out shoot number eight

The Wonder horse
The Little Dustin rides
His rocking horse
Give him a hand
Out in the stands
Grandpa’s little cowhand

 thank you and God Bless

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lot in a basket

A tissket, a tasket, what is in a basket
There is a basket on the table
Fill with things without a label
I ask it, what is in the basket

It replies you put it there
Was it to share?
It is bare
Should  you care?

There is a basket on the floor
Where I put things I want no more
It shares with the floor
It does not want any more

 A basket hangs on the wall
Its hoop that is all
Just to play with a ball
That is all

A basket sits under a tree
Filled with glee
A peach I do see
A basket on the table filled with fruit for you and me

 Thank you and God bless

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lot of rest

Good morning another rise
Cup of coffee
Wash the sand from my eyes
Let the dog out

The sun has yet to rise
Time to get dress
Two fried eggs, bacon, hash browns,
And toast on the side

News paper, just for a look
 A story I might prize

Just another day
They all start this way
I need a change
From this same old start of a the day

Good morning loud
Thank you for the rest
I have a request
If you have the time

That would be fine
Have a cup of coffee with me
Breakfast too, if you have the time
It great that we can talk
I do have to go work

And you need a rest
So lay your head on my bed
I hope your rest is bless
I will try to do the thing you request

I know I can from you I have been bless
Just one last request, bless this day
Like all the rest
Thank you and god has bless you

Sunday, March 27, 2011

lot of whisper

What was that, I did not hear
It whispered in my ear
It does take away my fear
It said that it is near

I thought many things
Was it the flutter of a wing?
What magic does it bring?
A whisper that sings

The monsters and trolls take flight
My guardian of the night
Here but out of sight
My guardian will take the fight

It must be a dream
This flutter of wings
Out of sight and unseen
 My guardian angel does bream

My soul it does grace
With blessing from his place
A whisper without a trace
A kiss he leaves on my face

From him to you
His bless to renew
God’s grace I guess you knew
Here is some for you

Thank you and God bless

the blogger who read and comment

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