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Saturday, April 9, 2011

lot H

Howdy that is an “H” word. It used to be “how do you do?” somebody contracted it. Now that is the question. How do you do what? I don’t know.
So here is some more word that start with “H”.
Help, hello, him, her, he, Hope, Heaven, hush, Horace, Harold, happy, home, Hay. Now cows will eat it and so will a horse but they don’t brag about it.
Here is what you can do to help. In twenty five words more or less write a comment about one of these “H” words or one of your own choosing.  I will write a poem for the one who wins. Now how about that.

Thank you and God Bless

Thursday, April 7, 2011

lot F

Fractal face fan fare forth
Follow follower following
Future flights fling fairly far
Frog floats fetching fluttery flies

Flutter falcon feast
Feathered flock farewell
Fine friends follow flight
Feeling fabulous found

Food for furrowed forged fought
Followers following followed
From friends flocks fetch
Flight fantastic flew freckled feathers

Fell fleeting frown fickle files fray
Following fellow followers followed
Fred followed Fran following Frank follows
Fluorescent feathers flame floral frets

Fledgling flight fathers flash
Flag fearless flaying fusion
Fine feathered friends
Fleet, fleet
Thank you and God Bless

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lot o Eeks

Eek echo explain elephants elation
Even enormous exposed eggplants
Envies evolve erratic eloquence
 Every ensuing eek endured
Escalated excited elephants eek
Exposed erratic escalating eloquence
Eludes escaping ekes
Err explain ending emails
“eek it’s e mouse”
     thank you and God bless

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lot of d

I went to Dee school, I really did. That was the name of my elementary school.
Dee school, Day done,
Day do, de carte,
 De cat, de dog,
De dew done,
Dun dump
 De did delight do delirious Dee due.
Die did do.
De did de dumb de dew
Die Dee due
Don’t dalk disc peanut butter in dour mouth dado doll don   
Dog datum did Dee

dhank de and God Bless

Sunday, April 3, 2011

lot of C

The challenge for today is “C”. So to being with Cee, something in my backyard said. Well it sounds like this “caw, caw and caw.” yep it is a Crow.  Now just about any morning they will be out back making that noise.

Have you ever watch the Disney movie White Fang II? In the story there is a Native American boy called Peter. Yep I got another “C “in there.  Don’t you Cee Called.  You are probably wondering what this has to do with “C”. Well peter get killed and come back as a crow. “Caw, caw, and caw.” Now that is well and good for the story.
 My wife goes out back and feeds the crows some of our stale bread. She talks to them, telling them that they are pretty birds.  If she don’t go out and feed them they will make that noise till noon.  One morning I took the honor of feeding them. And I said hello. You could have hit me a base ball bat , that darn crow answer back as clear as a bell “Hello!”. Now I figure that crow was Peter from the movie, but that was just a story, and this crow is real. I have told my wife that she is not to talk to them anymore. She is teaching them bad habits.  Now if you have an occasion to feed a crow and he says hello, you did not hear it from me, caw, caw, caw.

Now here are some more Cees you might want to Cee.   girl on the run. 
some more "C's" my blog novel chronicle of Kathleen

Thank you and God Bless

lot of what

What if you knew? We all have seen the horror of the earth quakes, the floods, and tsunami, many natural disasters. Some have firsthand knowledge  of these events. We have seen wars, manmade disasters.  I don’t know of a person that has not had personnel disaster in their life. What if you knew? What would you do to prevent them from happening? What could we do to prevent them? I have done and seen young drive a car wildly, with no regards to what may and does happen, lives lost. One thing that people do at these times is pray, some for the first time in their life.   As I write this someone has died, someone is born. As you read this these thing are going on. We know these things are happening, so what if you knew? What would you do? My answer is pray. When I pray I don’t ask to change the world or my lot in life. I pray that God will join me and share his presents with me. He has asked us to share this day with him. So I pray that he will hear my pray an invite to share in my life today.  

To all Thank you and may god be with you this day. Daddy carry me.

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