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Saturday, August 13, 2011

lot of rocks

Here is some of the beautiful mountain vista around here.  They call them the Rocky Mountains and there are a lot of rocks.  These photos do not do Justus to them and I still learning to use my new camera. The top elevation of these peaks average five thousand feet above where I am standing at about forty eight hundred feet above sea level, to take photos. This is known as the sheep creek geological loop part of the flaming gorge area of Utah. The first picture is of some young rocky mountain big horn sheep.  Now if you look at the next photo you will see a window to heaven. It is odd to see a square hole in the face of the cliff. I am guessing that it is forty to fifty feet wide and about the same high. If you click on the images they will fill your screen.  I could spend years just trying to photograph all that can be seen from one spot and not take a step.

sundown a top Monty Crisco elev 10,480  

Thank you for stopping by and i think god did bless  this place. god bless you and I will have more picture for to see tomorrow . Thank you and god bless

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

lot of intrepid foolishness

As I mention some week ago there is something unusual running around northern Utah. I have finally got a good camera and went looking for it. this is not what is suppose to be running in around a farmer pasture, but it's there as big as life maybe too big. Well I found it and went to documenting the critter with my new camera.  this first shot i was , well thirty feet away and it is not clear just what the heck it is. the grass looks good though. I wanted a good picture so I could show you all some of the strange things we have around here.

I have been face to face with grizzly bears, wolves, and rattle snakes, but a two ton black rhino. Now that is a first for me. Anyway I worked my way closer with my courage at the ready to run for the hills. I don’t know much about those critters just what I seen in the movies like john Wayne in Hatari and a few National Geographic documentary’s. All it needs to do was twitch an ear and I am gone. A camera is not a colt or a sharps buffalo gun, I think I would more conformable with a LARS rocket, than a camera. Well I work in closer just for you my readers so you could see this magnificent animal.

I am not a short horn herford

who are you

you have got my attention

get out of here


Now that you have seen what I saw. I guess I had better tell you the rest of the story. This is a carving of a life size rhino made by a local chainsaw artist. He has it setting off the road about forty feet in a cow pasture. It is made of a cottonwood log and if you ask me it a bit to real looking.

Thank you for stopping by and thank god that thing is not real or alive just walking up to take the pictures i was scared that it was real and i had better run. but it is good to face your fears once in a while . God bless

Monday, August 8, 2011

lot of how i met mouse

Howdy!  This is how I meet mouse.
There is a place out there to the west where a little fellar, that I know as Mouse was born and raised.  At the north end and a little bit west of the Great Salt Lake there is what’s left of an old Rail Road Town of Kelton.  Now I was about sixteen and rancher friend of mine who had some eighty head of beef free roaming out there, invited me to join the round up.  Weekend roundups were always lots of fun and I got to play cowboy and they always put out a good meal BBQ steak and all the fixens. We all call the place the west desert rather than Kelton.  There not much of anything good out there, just salt grass, alkali,  horn toad, rattle snake, sage brush, ticks and scorpions, and the ghost town of kelton and it is hotter than a lime kiln. It was about a 100 degrees’ in the shade and there ain’t any.  In its day kelton was a one wild town. Filled with saloons and marriage houses, you see there was some law against brothels, so the enterprising folks of kelton had the marriage houses where a fellar could get hitched for five bucks and then go over to the court house and get divorce for fifty cents.  They tell me that there was a marriage the lasted a whole week. Any way the old tail of Kelton hay days make for some fun camp fire stories.

I was out looking for cattle to get headed back to the herd when I spotted some cotton tails running thru the sage brush. Now back then in august you don’t eat rabbits but there was a bounty on them and two dollars bounty and a dollar for the pelt. Well I got down off that ranch horse as I had never shot a gun from his back and some horses don’t exactly like having a gun fired around him or form their backs.  I stated off in to the sage when I spotted him. That little fist size ball of fur laying there Panting twitching.  I did not know what the heck I was looking at. His ears were not long like a rabbit, they were round about the size of a dime.  He did not have but a stub of a tail.  Now I did something that you should not do with a strange wild animal and that is I bent over and pick it up. It looked more dead than alive. I look him over and he did not look like a rat or a mouse or a ground squirrel. I just did not know what the heck he was. I took my bandana and wet it down and made a lean-to and laid him in the shade of it.  I got into my saddle bag a got out the trail mix and offered him a dried apple chip; he was sitting up in the cool shade of the bandana, not trying to run off as I thought he might.  I put down some water in a bottle cap for him to drink, and then back off and sat down to watch him. Well he made short work of the apple chip and I could see he was making a speedy recovery.

 I could hear the foreman calling me, he wanted to know if I was all right and what he really wanted me back on the horse and looking for cattle.  Well I was getting ready to leave and that darn critter came right up my pant leg to my vest pocket after the apple chips and there was no stopping him.  Just then the foreman rode up and started to tell me that I was out here to be rounding up cattle not playing around or sitting on my rear. He was a little more pacific.  When I could get a chance to say my piece I showed him the critter that has now made a home in my vest pocket.  The foreman tells me that it is a Pika mouse and he want  to know how I caught one, their fastest critter on four legs out there. I think there was a put down in there somewhere. Well I got mounted and started back to flushing cow out of the brush. You know when you find a cow you got to get him head to the herd and we generally make some noise to spook out of the brush and keep them moving. You whistle or crack a bull whip and yell. And some of the fellar’s have a leather popper on the loose end of the lariat, Anything to make some noise, now I was one that did a lot of whistling and popping my lariat.  I had found three head of yearling and started pushing them out to the herd. Whistling and making some noise. Then I heard a loud high pitch whistle come from my vest pocket.  It was that mouse in my pocket and he sure could make noise. I t worked on the cows alright sending them at a trot headed the right direction.  The other hands were getting a charge out of my saddle pal and the
 foreman proclaimed him as the best wrangler on the roundup.

Well that’s how Mouse and I meet a long time ago. He can find more ways to get me and him into more trouble than any ten people that I can name. Now we ride the internet all over the blog-a-sphere and see how much trouble we can get into.

Thank you for stopping by and God bless.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

lot of missing

Welcome and Howdy!
Of late it may seem that I have been missing, it’s all Mouse’s fault, but I have had a lot to do. Turning sixty five and make adjustment to the way I have to do things, taking care of some medical issue that is now covered by Medicare plan. For one I now hear in stereo and well with two new hearing aids. Outside of the finical work of paying bills, there this problem of chasing rainbows. I mean that darn trout fever can get a man out there in the coldest wildest water, like an old hungry Bear. When there is making sure they grand kids know how to have fun in the wilderness.   So with this in mind sorry but, I have had a lot to do the past three weeks. So now that I have taken care of some of the task that has been put on my plate, I will try to get back to writing on my blog.

Here some of the things that I have been looking at and will be writing about, Value, Quality, Love. Faith, Hope. The first thing is “Value”, what is value? From the dictionary “the adequate or satisfactory return on or recompense for something” well that is more than a mouthful of beans. All men, that include you ladies, have something of Value, that you, they were born with it. I have seen it and have I tried to give it away. That doesn’t work out very good at times. It can be sold for a price, but if it is of real value it is priceless and there is not enough money in the world to buy it. It does build value the longer it is kept, but has no value if it is not kept.  A bank may lend you money for it but they want you to keep it. The rich seek value and try as they will to buy it, and the poor that is all that they have.  Now there are men of letters and some day they may learn to spell.  Well there are men of their words. And those men are the value lived.  So if you want value in your life you must keep and honor the words you give.

Reviewing some of the event of the past weeks I have add a badge to the blog so now you can add the badge to your blog to show you have been here and well I don’t have any T shirts yet  maybe sometime the down the road I will.  I have been very honored with another award. And I feel quite highly honored to have been given this award, Brilliant Writers award.  I would like to thank the published author for this pier recognition. Please visit her blog and read or buy some of her books.

Deirdra Eden-Coppel of said...
WOW!!!!You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you the Brilliant Writer Blog Award for all the hard work you do!”

Well for now I have more of those to do things on the list, and it is getting shorter, I think.  By the way, a limit of four, two pound eighteen inch rainbows, pictures to follow, I hope will have my trout fever in remission.  Ah maybe not.  

Thank you and please God bless all.


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