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Monday, January 16, 2012

home update

Just a few words, I have been very busy with the contractor and others to get my home repaired / rebuilt. Progress has been slow to say the least. but all the necessary  materials have been delivered and work is moving forward. the latest estimate is the we should be back in our home by February 1 maybe.

This motel living is not for me, getting up and getting dress for the cold then driving a mile or two to get breakfast, and more then a cup of coffee. blah humbug, I could come up with a more profound statement, but
I would not want to hurt your delicate ears.

testing the waters

Here are a few photos up Ogden canyon the water fall and a few thing of interest.

Thinking about it I think

Believe me it cold!!!!!!
Well more to come I have to go and meet with the contractor and crack the whip.
Thank you all for  your prayers and I will try to get back to posting soon.

Thank you and god bless

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