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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lot of April 1

As you know it's April 1, 2012 and Mouse lives for this day.  He thinks that being it is April fool’s day he can get away with all his tricks and pranks. Now I was up at four this morning to feed the stock and get the milking done, and Mouse was already at it. I should have turn on more of the lights in the milk barn or maybe wash the sleep from my eyes.  I reach for a teat of the first cow to hook up the acme automatic milking machine and went flying across the barn. Thank god for the hay. For a moment I though the barn roof blew off because I saw stars. Well I picked myself up and turn on the lights, and then I saw Mouse had put the range boss bull in the milking stall. I could hear Mouse hollering April fools.  I think it going to be a long day.
After I let the bull out to pasture I figured that the coffee should be ready, so I headed back to the house. I needed a good quiet cup to collect myself. Well I poured myself a cup and started to put is some sugar but having just been nail by one of Mouse’s April fools tricks I figured I had better taste it first and sure enough he had put salt in the sugar bowl. Well! We keep a pint of whiskey in the cupboard for medicinal purposes and it work well to sweeten a good cup of coffee and I needed a little medical help at this point.  I popped the cork and poured a shot in my coffee then took a hit off the pint. That darn Mouse had put vinegar in the whiskey bottle!!!  Wait till I get him in my sites!!, both barrels with rock salt.

Ok folks it is all so Palm Sunday and I’m off to church and pray that I have seen the last of Mouse’s April fools pranks. Thank you for stopping by and may God Bless your day

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