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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lot of Never

         The end of never cannot be as never, never had a beginning. You have to have a beginning to have an end. Now I have heard of Never Never Land, but I have never been there so I don’t know if it has a beginning. There is a canyon of Never it is called Never Canyon but you can never go there. It is some place the other side of the twelfth of Never. Now that is a good song. 

Down deep in the canyon there is a mine its call never mind I guess it was never mind and never will. I think that a bird that never was. Had you ever been there, never was, so how could have been there.   Well I never or did I. have you ever never? This is beginning to sound like a never ending story.

Mouse what the heck have you been drinking?  “Never touched a drop, It’s that darn Leprechaun Canyon it will mess with your mine.” Did you find the leprechaun?  “Nope never saw one, but I thought I roped him, But I never miss.”  Well did you rope him?  “Well I guess I never.”  Mouse we got cattle to take care of. Get your head on straight and get to work.

I"m off to mow the lawn. thank you for stopping by God Bless

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