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Monday, April 9, 2012

lot of wind

They call the wind Mariah. The title to a song back in the fifties from the musical Paint your wagon sung by many but the first to record it was the Kingston trio, another song about the wind is the Wayward Wind sung by Gogi Grant.  I have both here for you to take a listen to.

As you may know the wind paid me a visit on December 1 and I found out firsthand just how destructive the wind can be. My life has been turn upside down and backwards. Most of the recovery of my home is done, the house is in like new condition; but our daily lives are still in turmoil putting thing back where they belong, repairing something’s that were broke that cannot be replaced. There is a lot of thing to do in the backyard mostly clean up. I save the timbers from the old roof to build a deck on the back of the house. The timbers need to be clean up the nails pulled and inspected for damage, 

if that were not enough the grass need to be mowed.  Finding time to write and keep up with all on the net is a task that has had to take the backseat.

Last Wednesday night as my wife was getting ready for bed she got caught up in her pants and lost her balance and fell catching her foot in the toe kick of the drier breaking her ankle.  She will be laid up for six weeks.

Well the flowers are blooming and spring is getting a head start on me all the spring clean up is taking time away from my writing. 

And now it time to go and pick our meds, grocery, pay some more bills, get my taxes done, and smell the flowers.

Thank you for coming by and God Bless.

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