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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lot to do at four AM

Lot to do at four AM...
The smell of coffee on the boil drifts on the morning breeze
Mother raccoon and four that follow make their way along the mill stream
The gargling sound of the mill stream charging the buttress of the head gate
A barn owl wings it way from its lofty perch, will a vole learn to fly

Lot to do at four AM
Ribbon hues of blue, lace the eastern horizon gathering in the stars
A breeze coming down from the snow toped rocky mountain, a death throws reminder of winter
A mist forms on the meadow, flowers take their morning shower
A silver cast highlights the dark figures of the trees

Lot to do at four AM
The crows wing their way west chasing the darkness
The squawk and squeak of deliver truck doors clamor the stillness
Bacon and eggs on the fry, coffee poured
Excitement begin to rise, as every blade of grass reaches for the light

Lot to do at four AM
 A new day is born as the darkness yields to the light
This is my time to see the promise of life to come
A meadow lark sings; the morning dove score of love is blessing to all things

Lot to do at for I am

Thank you for being part of my morning  God Bless

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