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Friday, June 28, 2013

lot aliens and more

Aliens and more aliens they just keep coming. The long knives, the hair faces, the white eyes, they come a take our land and kill our buffalo. This was the cry of the Native Americans. Today we are making the same cry only it the illegal aliens the ones from south of the border, the Hispanic, wetbacks, Chicano, Mexicans, whatever you want to call them, that are taking our way of life. 21 billion dollars are sent to Mexico by the illegals and migrant workers each year and they don't pay one dime in tax .Yet we don't have an immigration reform bill, congress is afraid of offending the Hispanic vote. Which only show just how bad the problem is.

When I drive down town I can see the signs, I just can't read them but they're all over. I don't read Spanish. All the places I used to go for a good meal are gone replaced with some El something or other, and then there are those refried beans. They look bad, smell bad, taste bad and belong in the outhouse, could be where they came from.  I turned on the TV and half the local station are how in Spanish. When I go to the store the signs are written in English and Spanish. If I wanted to live in Mexico I would have learned  to read and write in Spanish but I don't I live here and I don't want to learn another language just to live in my hometown. Securing our borders is an almost impossible task; there have been the Great Wall of China as well as the Berlin wall but people found ways around them.  If Mexico were to become the land of milk and honey with gold paved streets, how many would be headed back downstream?

Here is an idea to solve the problem. First we take over the Mexican government and make Mexico a US territory, later we will make it the fifty first state or give it back to Texas after we have it all under control. Then we round up all the indigenous people and put them on reservations. Where they will be schooled in English and social edict like putting the shopping back in the racks when they are threw shoplifting. We could let them off the res to work in the fields then return them to the reservation when the work is done. Those that are already here would be rounded up too and put on the res.  Only those that can prove they are us citizens would be allowed to live off the reservation.  After they have learned English and some manners we will grant them citizenship in five to ten years. Then we could put the drug cartel in control of the reservation and they could and would shoot anyone trying to leave.

If I have offended anyone with this post I am sorry, however I have been offended for years by the words and actions of illegals.  Go home you are not wanted or welcome here. There is no “mi casa es tu casa” we do not believe in it. This is my home and you are not welcome.

Thank you for coming by and your comments God Bless.


Sridevi Nayak Karopady said...

I totally do understand what you are saying and you need not apologise for voicing out your opinions. Very deep and apt post. Hope people do read this!


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Roy, I can "hear" in your writing your complete sense of frustration and anger about our government doing nothing to quell the flow of illegals to our country. It is wrong from the get go - they are "illegal"! I don't know why people can't get it through their heads that these folks have broken our laws willfully and there have been no lasting consequences.
Thanks for being so honest and speaking your mind, my friend!


I'll never understand how people can do this and still feel proud of the fact that they won. And how do they more aliens that every other person

Anna L. Walls said...

The problem is everywhere, must frustratingly on TV. Or on the phone where you get these recorded answering machines. 'Press 1 for spanish, press 2 for english'. This is our country and english has been the language since the beginning. Shouldn't we at least be the first choice of language? I'm so with you - go home or take the time to become citizens. And we don't really need a fence. We just need a very drastic way of dealing with them. I don't advocate shooting them, sometimes there's women or children. But how about labor camps? I don't think the reservation idea is good enough anymore. Work for food only - not enough work, not enough food. You wanna go home? We'll see if your government will pay the shipping costs.

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