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Monday, June 24, 2013

lot cowboy rules

Just a few Cowboy rules or the code of the west, well maybe something like that or something you should know. Now if you are out riding and you come across a steer or cow maybe a bull that does not have a brand on it, throw a rope on it you can start your own heard that way, but if it has a brand and you don’t work for the brand  don’t do it, they will hang you. Now the same thing goes for horses too. Well if you're out running around the barn and corrals it’s a good idea to walk around in some tail grass before going to the bunkhouse you never know what you may have stepped in. Now if you're going to hit the hay take off your boot and if the air smells bad,  and everybody is choking put them back on, we will all, might breathe a little better. If you are out riding the trails and you hear a buzzing sound shoot it, it is better to be safe than sorry, besides it taste like chicken and make a great hat band. Now when the cook ring that bell you had better get there or he will feed it to the hogs, and don’t ask for second you might get it, whatever it was, live or dead. That’s another thing you need to learn is to like beans morning, noon and night, just be sure that you are downwind of the campfire for a while after eating. On Saturday night, walk your horse in town and don’t shoot at the stars or you be behind bars instead of in them. Oh! Be sure you tip your hat to the ladies, don’t call them madam, just mam will work and you will stay healthy.  If you got to go to the out house take along something to read your may need it. Don't mess with a feller hat, drink, girl, cards, gun or horse, you might wake up dead.  Don't feed the bears one of you won't enjoy it. Ride upwind of the hog pin it works better. You need to know where town is, its over yonder up the trail a piece, when payday is, when it gets here,  when it’s time to eat, well if you don’t know that you won’t be a cowboy for long. Well! I guess that about it for now.

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Don't think I'd make a good cowboy, Roy, but I love your down-home recollections here. Thanks for sharing and taking us all back to a time which is lost to so many . . .

Anna L. Walls said...

Rules to grow up by, course my momma couldn't get shoes on me most of the time so I didn't need to worry about the air when I pulled my boots off. Never did like them fancy schmancy patent leather things anyway. Maybe if she'd offered proper shit kickers it would have been a different story. hahaha

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