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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

lot of a friend

A friend

“A friend” that does not say a lot, but it says everything. You cannot make a friend or someone would be making them and you could find them for sale at the local department store. So you cannot buy or make one.

This story is true, back there sum fifty plus years, I meet a friend, I cannot remember the day, month or year that we met. It is kind a like Jim and Spock of star trek “I have always been and will be your friend”. As things go in life we moved around and lost touch a couple of times, but we would get back together and are still friends. In 1984 I move to California, my job took me there. Sometime in 1985 I got a letter from my mom with a news paper clipping in it. The news was not good; my friend was killed when a camper he was loading on a truck fell on him. The days of home made root beer made in garbage can (that’s another story) and watermelon cooled in the river, marshmallows roasted on the camp fire, and the drives up the canyon, and all the conversations were gone and so was my friend.  I think this was the cause of the flooding in California at the time I cried a lot.

A week and a half ago I was out front mowing my lawn, when a car pull up in front of my place. A man got out, as he walks toward me, I tough I know that face but it cannot be who my eyes were telling me. He spoke “you don’t remember me” the second he spoke I knew it was Richard. My mine was in a million pieces and the tears would not be held back. We hug each other for a great five minuets in a man made rain storm of joy and talked  little about the things we did back when but it was here and now, not 1984 the last time we were together. He was here for two or three hours and we just picked up where we had left off those many years ago. 

My friend Richard Crawford.

The news paper clipping was of someone with the same name living in the same area. not my friend thank god.

Thank you for hearing my story and god bless, he did bless me with a friend.


Anna L. Walls said...

I have a couple friends I feel that way about. Fortunately, there was never any horrifying news of a death. It was my mother who put me back in touch with one friend since we had totally lost touch shortly after college. And now with Facebook, I can keep in touch with so many people, where otherwise such a thing would have been impossible.

Kriti said...

Oh My God! What a relief and moment of joy that must have been! I may have just made an about turn and ran thinking I was getting delusional or something! Good to have you back Roy!

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