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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

lot of hair

Lot of hair

I guess people have been using hair pieces since the beginning of time. Now most of us have hair on our heads, I think. At one time in history it was a status symbol to ware a wig, maybe that where the term “hot head” or “don’t flip your wig” came from, I don’t know. Toupees, wigs and others hair pieces, that I do not know the name of; have been the source of many a good laugh over the years. From a toupee falling in to a man soup to it being cot on a branch, or something.

Here are a few funny hair moments I have had:

I was at a late night picnic party and enjoying a young ladies attention when my little brother decided that all the kissing was to much for him so he grab a hand full of our hair to pull us apart. Will; she was wearing a wig and it came off much to his surprise. It did liven up the party.

Then there was the war dance, we were at a bar waiting for a friend to close up the place so we could go party up the canyon. Ed a full blooded Ute Indian was arguing with a Navajo girl we pick up at the Pow-wow. In the mix of the conversation Ed tried to give her a kiss and pulled off the wig she was wearing and began to dance around the bar with it. Before the weekend was over they got married, hard to believe but it’s true.

 A pony tail mystery . Back in the day of the poodle skirt, I was at a bar called the old mill. They had a live band and a nice hardwood dance floor. There was this girl that had cot my attention, she was wearing a blue poodle skirt, but it had white horses on it, and a white angle blouse and a long pony tail. I ask her to dance and we did. We stayed on the dance floor for three or four songs, then they played a good fast jitter bug tune and we started to dance I spun her around and the pony tail came off and few into the drummer. She screamed and ran off. I retrieved her pony tail and looked for her she was gone and so were her friends she came with.  I never got her name as we dance most of the time and had little conversation. I kept the pony tail for sometime but I never came across her again. I guess I’m just not a prince charming.

Then there was Ralph a guy I work with. We were working the graveyard shift and waiting for the go ahead to continue with the testing we were doing. Ralph leaned back in the office chair with his feet on the desk and his toupee got cot on the wall. Just then the boss came in to check on us. Ralph sat up and the boss had to laugh at what we saw. We had work with Ralph for years and did not know he was bald. Ralph was trying hard to put that thing back on his head.

 It was a year or so after my wife and I got married we were in Yuma Arizona at my aunt house. I had gone to town to get some stuff from the store. When I got back I came in with the groceries and sat at the table with a cold drink. After about ten minuets I ask my aunt where my wife was. Then they all started to giggle she was setting across the table from me. They had put a wig and makeup on her and I did not recognize her. She did look good.
I hope you liked these bad hair moments, and I would love to hear about some of yours.

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Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Oh, these were hysterical, Roy! Thanks for sharing!

Roy Durham said...

i just dawn on me the girl with the pony tail fall and her friends may have been under age and not let in the bar.

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