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Friday, June 14, 2013

lot of roof to deck

Lot roof to deck

Will it’s taken me a week to do it. Some years back it would have only taken a day or two. But I got-er done.  Will almost; need another bucket of red barn paint, and some more timbers to put the roof on it, a tarp and some two bys work for now. Anyway we now have an 8ft by 10ft deck. The old steps are still there under the deck, they had sunk because back when the built this place they did not have a compactor like they have today, and they just push in the back fill, and build the forms for the concrete steps and a 3ft square porch.  So after fifty years it sank about three inches and tilted about twenty degrees, making that first step about  a ten inches step down to a downhill slant. Good place to go for a wild ride, if you don’t watch your step.  

Meanwhile; back at the ranch Mouse
has been feeling poorly. Don’t know just what has been ailing him, but can't get a lick of work out of him. I called the vet and he said he up hartsgravel way some folks are fighting some kind of bug, so I would have to call doc Adams, he is a good old sawbones, I gave Doc Adams a call about a day ago so he should be getting here anytime,

Will I will be here he is, howdy Doc! Welcome to spilt milk ranch, ok where that belly aching rodent at? Out in the bunkhouse. Now, Doc you shouldn't talk like that about Mouse you know how he gets all riled up.   Has he got them dam nine shooters? No doc I took and put the in the strong box till he is better. Will let me take a look at him, how long has he been like this?
Will he started to say he could hear a slapping sound on the first of June, and his eyes got glass and wild looking, and then his right arm started to jerk, he mumbled something about being bitten and salmon flies. Will this is the worst case I have seen in a long time.
He going to be alright Doc isn't he. Sure he will be right as rain just get him up there on the scare creek with his fly rod. He got the worst case of trout fiver I have seen. Say Doc I have a couple of pullets you can have, we got some beeves to sale on the first, and I can pay you then. I got a baby to deliver over at the Johnson, so I will see you later. Bring me back some trout.

Will boys let’s get saddle up it looks like we are going fishing.

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