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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lot of shooting

Yesterday at my church someone came to church to kill someone.  A shot rang out and one man down, and all went for cover.

 Here is the news story:

I am glad he did not get the job done, and I want to say thank you to all who prayed for the victim Jim. It was his son-in-law that did the shooting. For those who may think this had something to do with religion, will you are wrong. It was a family problem, which I do not know the details of. I know both victim and shooter from our social meeting at church. Prayers are needed for both. No law could have stopped this, if not a gun, it could have been a knife or club.  It is the unresolved problem that rages in a person mind that they and we cannot resolve or control. It something we all have to learn to do, that is to solve our differences in a peaceful manner.  Someday we may have the ability to read a persons mind and what a person is thinking of or planning to do, and then maybe we can do something about the problem. We already have laws and a commandment “thou shalt not kill” and a number of gun control laws on the books, not one of them have stop the killings.

Here is something to think about, the shooter could have been any one of us. How many times have we been so mad that we could have done this? Have you ever said I will kill you or wish you could kill someone? If we got rid of all the guns in the world, the knifes, and then the rocks at which point we would not have a place to live. We could stop these kind of thing from happening with a lot more understand one another. Please don't think that I am defending the shooter because I  am not. I just know but for the grace of god this could have been me shooter or victim. 

Thank you for your prayers and god bless.

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