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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red Alert

SCAM Alert, SCAM alert. I just got off the phone from someone, who claimed to be from Microsoft windows calling to help me remove virus from my computer. He was not too convincing to me; however he may fool someone. He claimed that he was in Dallas Texas. Sorry his accent was not of Texas unless Dallas has move to New Delhi. Microsoft offices are in Seattle Washington. He did not know that. LoL. He wanted access to my computer. Not on your best day with stack of bibles and at gun point am I going to let someone out of the blue have access to my computer. I did not call him and I do not have a problem with virus on my computers I have more than one. So be warned. Sorry folks but that guy must be some kind of a nut case he sure did not do his homework. LoL. (For more on the scam click here)

I wonder it’s the hat or do people think cowboys don't know anything. Now I will admit I don't know a lot of things but I can spot a carpetbagging dude a mile off. Now, unlike a former vice president I did help build the internet and I did have a little to do with the first pc computer. I have built one of many myself from scratch, done a little programming too. Now if I ever get to talk with Bill Gates again, have not seen him since 1986 and he probably doesn't remember me, I will see what he thinks of a customer support service like this. Now on the other hand Steve Jobs, RIP, might think it’s a good idea, but he is not here anymore. Lets face it folks the Cavalry not coming and we will just have to shoot it out with these idiots.  (Pc pointing devices at twenty clicks)

Con artist has been around for a very long, long time. Their biggest victim themselves, believes that they can fool everyone. Once their con is exposed they go back under the carpet to dream up another scam. It’s the old west out there on the internet no law and order, no courts to try the felons. So what can be done about these spammers and scammers? Well here is one thing we can do is pulling the rug out from under them, by reporting on the net every time they show the ugly head. As long as we let these con’s fish they will catch someone or something. (I hope it’s a room with bar on the windows)

Salesman are not much different, I had one the other day try to tell me he could save me half my phone bill if I took his service. Now let us say my bill is a hundred dollars and his service is fifty dollars, so according to him he is going to save me fifty dollars. So he save me fifty dollars on my phone bill and I pay him fifty dollars sorry I must have missed something here I am still pay hundred dollars for phone service, fifty to him and fifty to the phone company. Where is the fifty dollars saving? By the way he was trying to sale me a push button “help I have fallen and can't get up” system. Now I have already put 911 on speed dial on my cell phone. I guess I just save me fifty dollars and if I had five bucks I could go buy a whiskey to celebrate.  Darn I sure miss the days it was just ten cents a shot. Oh well!!!

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Anna L. Walls said...

Oh my sakes, by phone this time. Now that's a first for me. Yep, half our computer issues comes from someone trying to get into it. No thank you, I even said no to my own son on that issue. He's my computer geek and I trust him to do whatever he wants to to my computer, but not by remote access. Once you open that door, there's no real closing it again (maybe).

Randal Eggleston said...

I had the same call yesterday. I knew from the start it was scam. Played along until I got bored and they wanted me to bring up windows+run.

Randal Eggleston said...

I had the same call yesterday. I knew from the start it was scam. Played along until I got bored and they wanted me to bring up windows+run.

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