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Monday, July 1, 2013

lot not

Nothing Arizona
This post is about nothing, and I have nothing to say on the matter.  Now kids know a lot about nothing, just ask them “what are they doing” and they will say “nothing”. Jerry Seinfeld had a show about nothing.  Then there was Sergeant Schultz he saw nothing and he knew nothing. I bought a book once that was all about nothing, it cost nothing and the pages were filled with nothing not even a page number.  Now I have heard that people talk about nothing but they had really nothing to say. Nothing counts for nothing one comma nothing nothing nothing comma nothing nothing nothing stop and take a breath, now that’s a lot of nothing I wished I had that much of nothing. Some people make a lot of nothing out of nothing but it’s nothing. There are a lot of people who have nothing but they have nothing to share. There is the town of nothing in Arizona but here is nothing there.  I wonder if it is like boring that’s in Oregon, I’ve been there and I have drove threw nothing once. Some people do nothing, I don’t know how to do nothing, it may be a dance but I don’t know nothing. There is nothing out there, or up there, or over there, or down there, there in nothing there, I know it’s nothing. Well!  Here goes nothing. I hope you like nothing because there is nothing more.

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