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Friday, December 19, 2014

Lot of the good the bad and the ugly

Lot of the good the bad and the ugly

It been a while since I posted anything. As you know life can hand out a number of problem for you to get through. I have had my share. In a nutshell the good the bad and the ugly. On the bad side was trying to keep my home, a battle that it seems I could not win, the loss of income made it even harder. After a long talk with an attorney, family and friends I let the mortgage company have it and walked away and sought relief from the bankruptcy courts.  Living there I had daily reminders of my wife’s death, and the deafening silence of loneliness. Where laughter echo an empty house and one’s heart reels in pain and the clouds of sorrow form and it rains a thousand tears. It been eighteen months and I find the weather has many more storm for me to weather.

 The ugly serpent that slither through the canyons and valleys of my mind seeking out my fond memories of the fun times to torcher me. It’s called loneliness, he will not win. In a crowd of friends and family someone will ask “how are you doing” I answer I’m ok, hoping they won’t see the ugly viper squirming inside of me poised to strike and start a storm of tears. It hides when someone give me a hug and maybe a kiss, but he is still there.

On the good side of things an old friend form my youth decided to semi retire from his semiretired security job and recommend me for the job, he is still working on call. So I am now working as a security guard. That has aloud me to buy a mobile home it is a handyman special and need a little fix up here and there, but I own it outright. Working has help me put a rope on the loneliness, but it is still a problem I hope to hang it from the nearest oak someday. I hope to be able to get back to writing more often. My life now is finding some order and the future looks good. I am working on my novel and hope to finish it in January that is a tall order but I am going to try.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. And as always God Bless

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Anna L. Walls said...

Getting back in the saddle has got to be rough. Hugs from me, and give that old viper a boot by reveling in those fond memories. Don't let him take them away from you.

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