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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Things happen

A while back there were some Indians that stop by. They said how. I said much. I could see that they were a hunting party. Well they weren't wearing paint. So I ask what they were about. They asked if I had seen any Indians. I said nope !!!There the only ones I have seen. They said they were looking for the old chief's son. They said he had to go and spend a night alone in the woods to become a brave, and he did not come home. I guess that it's one of those Indian things. Any way they said that the old chief had went to Washington to get some help. And Washington said they would put the word out, and they would post signs to get people to watch out for him. So just to help I figured that I would pass it along. Oh! By the Way his name is falling rock.

if you are a void travler this is doorway

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