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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Next item up for bid

A friend (;<,). I joined one of them social networks last night. I found a lot of friends there, so I started to add friends to my network. I started to get a little concerned that I might kill that mouse. Then someone showed up that want to be my friend. So I click on add, one can never have too many friends. Well this new friend wanted to be a little too friendly. I could not find an unselect button or a select all global buttons, I guess the mouse ate them. I have a lot of friends that I could not add, a body need to rest, and that mouse might die. What is the price of a friend? Who is a friend? On 911 we had some friends who gave there all for all. Some years back we made a law to bring more friends together it was called equal rights. Busing makes some friends. I define a friend as some I have met, will meet, someone that I know, a rock too trough at that mouse. Just what do you thank a friend is? I like them all! Friend or foe, a foe is a friend that has a different point of view. Do I have a opening bid.

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Anonymous said...

hey dad this looks great!! keep it up!!

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