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Monday, January 31, 2011

lot of freedom

The theft of freedom; our forefathers came here to seek riches and freedom. Columbus, Cortez, Desoto clam the land for their king. Invaded and took what was not rightfully theirs to take; and destroyed the way of life of a free people. Native Americans were not savages, they did not own the land the land was their mother. The land own them, European invader took their freedom and their mother, raped and defiled all that was good and free. Too take without asking, too use someone else property without permission is steeling. The excuse they were not using it, or they did not need it is still steeling. I am not a Native American, I was born here but I am of European decent. We as a people that were born here and live here, Are not free till we restore freedom to the Native Americans. Many live on reservations well below the standard of living of the poorest citizens of this country. Their culture, their religion destroyed. I do not know how to right this wrong. A start might be to recognize them as the proud people they are and set aside a national day of honor to observe the heritage of the native Americans, restore and honor the treaties made by our forefathers make good on what was written down with follow trough action , celebrate them and their mother the land. Learn more
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