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Thursday, February 3, 2011

great stuff

This is a story I wish I had wrote, but I didn’t, but I can share it with you. It has been told by many American Indians and is part of their folk lore. Once upon a time, when the Field-Mouse was out gathering wild beans for the winter, his neighbor, the Buffalo, came down to graze in the meadow. This the little Mouse did not like, for he knew that the other would mow down all the long grass with his prickly tongue, and there would be no place in which to hide. He made up his mind to offer battle like a man."Ho, Friend Buffalo, I challenge you to a fight! "He exclaimed in a small, squeaking voice. Buffalo paid no attention, thinking it only a joke. The Mouse angrily repeated the challenge, and still his enemy went on quietly grazing. Then the little Mouse laughed with contempt as he offered his defiance. The Buffalo at last looked at him and replied carelessly:"You had better keep still, little one, or I shall come over there and step on you, and there will be nothing left!" "You can't do it!"Replied the Mouse. For the rest of the whole story go here: have fun and god bless


Kriti said...

nice story Roy - we have a similar story in our culture that goes with the Lion and the fly. the fly being the mouse in our case.... Enjoyed every bit of reading it.

Aznzar said...

lol Kriti I dedicate this story to you. I wish you will write one and dedicate it in turn to Roy.

Roy Durham said...

thank you! every one your comment are well received. i could not have been pay more, may the good lord rain his blessing on all of you. y'all come back now ya here. thank you

Scott R said...

Roy that was a good one I followed it all the way through, it is a really great analogy.

JIM said...

Thanks Roy .. lol great story. I'm now following you. Looking forward to reading more

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