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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lot of intelligent design

A young man was given a toy. Why, his birthday maybe, Christmas is a possibly, from a friend, from a parent, just because he want it? Is there a reason that he was given a toy? Who gave him the toy? The young man loves the toy. He gave it a name he call it a rock. Now he played with his rock all day and took it to bed with him and sleep with it. He carried it in his pocket everywhere he went. He found that the rock could protect him from bad things. It gave him joy to play with his toy. Then one day he was ask; what was that thing that he loves so much that he carried it in his pocket? He replied it’s a rock. He was asked where he got it. He said long ago. He was asked, no not when but where did he get it. He said it was given to him. He was asked who gave it to him. He thought a bit and he did not know. He said someone, it was a gift, he did not know. As time when on the young man began to ask the questions he had heard before. He had the rock so long that he could not remember when he got it, or where he got it, to his memory he always had it. He ask who made it, what was it made of, how was it made? He asks all the questions a five year old would ask. He looked to the rock and asks. The rock held fast the secrets of its life. It is a rock you know. He entered many an ear and found it shut but came out a mouth, a young man should be seen not heard now off to bed. So he read a many books now fill his head. One said it’s all chaos, chance; another said it grew that way by selection of needs, of these he reads. Then one day he held the rock and in the bright sun light there was some writing on the rock. He could see a makers mark. A stamp made in heaven, by god, It was written on the rock “I am, the lord thy God, thou shall not have strange gods before me.” Do you have a pet rock?

It’s Sunday thank you for your prayers and God bless


sulekkha said...

Liked reading about the pet rock, Roy. Lovely post, thanks for sharing.

Roy Durham said...

thank you sulekkha that is my pet rock

Angel Eyes said...

I have a pet rock it was given to me by my children many years ago : )

Debbie said...

Loved it roy, I had a pet rock too... It looked like a pig, I loved my rock!!

Thanks for sharing

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