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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lot time of shrinkage

Nirupam Ghosh a fellow blogger and engineer; has made a point of time shrinkage, relativity of MR Einstein. For the most part most people do not care to exercise the Hypothalamus. However I do, may be, possibly understand the problem. Huh? I am going to give it a try at the risk of error and warping the sanity of our readers. Hopefully my prate falls will muse some and other wise exercise the funny bone. Wow! POW! (Bovine in church) batman! I drew a graph of Nirupan’s post on the shrinkage of time. A little consultation, with a dash of time travel, with an old carpenter’s friend Pythagoras, my granddad’s old railroad chronometer, that a watch, by the way. Here is some mathematical analogous. The theorem is C squared = A squared +B squared, or the hypotenuse = the sum of the square’s of the other two sides. For simplicity 3 X 3 = 9 plus 4X4 = 16, 16+9=25, C squared 5X5=25 so 25=25 or 25-25=0. It is the same for the other triangle so 0=0. Now wait one cotton minute! There is supposes to be some shrinkage. Sorry Nirupam I could not resist. LOL! It is all relative to the point of view of the observer. Let’s take another look. You board a plane in San Francisco at noon and fly east to New York, a ten hour flight. You arrive and look at your watch and it read 10: PM, the clock on the airport wall reads 2: AM, that’s fourteen hours but you only flue for ten. What did you do jump into the future? OK, not really noon in San Fran is: 4 o clock PM in New York. The return flight would take ten hours, leaving at noon you would arrive in San Francisco at 6 pm. Your watch and clocks in New York and San Francisco. Are in different reference points but they are all reference to a clock in Greenwich England. Let’s try this a wee bit faster. All aboard the Benjamin, we will take off from Ogden, Utah, USA at noon. And fly east the Benjamin is power by dark energy so getting to light speed is no problem. The round trip takes 0.0004 seconds. But the earth has turned and the lap’s time on the clock at Ogden is 12:00.001 but your watch reads if we head west our watch would still read 12:00.0004 and the clock in Ogden would read 12:00.0014. Now if your head is buzzing I am sorry it that dark energy, it does that, so just move away a bit and it will go away.

Thank you for fly with me on the Benjamin and god bless


Royal Nirupam said...

Its my duty time ROY 9-15AM and think about at evening. But the figure will be an isosceles triangle for the observer.

Bronzi said...

Roy, I had to read it twice. But I got it! It was good. You had me saying, What? Good one!

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