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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

guest post

Mystery guest
Can you guess who or when this was wrote

Celso Gaudere
To celsus, muse, my warmest wishes bear,
And if he kindly asks you how I fare,
Say, though I threaten many a fair design,
Nor happiness, nor wisdom, yet are mine.
Not that the driving rains my vineyards beat;
Not that my olives are destroyed by heat;
Not that my cattle pine in distant plains—
More in my mind than body lie my pains.
Reading I hate, and with unwilling ear
The voice of comfort or health I hear;
Friends or physicians I with pain endure,
Who strive this languor of my soul to cure.
Whate’er may hurt me I wish joy pursue;
Whate’er may do me good with horror view.
Inconstant as the wind, I various rove;
At Tibur, Rome; at Rome, I Tibur love.
Ask how he does; what happy arts support
His prince’s favor, nor offend the court;
If all be well, say first, that we rejoice,
And then, remember, with a gentlest voice
Instill this precept on his listening ear,
‘As you fortune, we shall celsus bear.’

i will post his name and when in the comments.
post your guess also

thank you and god bless 


Anonymous said...

Poetry as a history lesson! Cool! In ancient Rome...

Roy Durham said...

@sweepyjean you are warm, lol but when and who

Kriti said...


the blogger who read and comment

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