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Friday, March 25, 2011

lot of beans

I have grown a fond dislike for BEANS
If you know what I mean
Red, green, black, and white
This cannot be right

Navy with gravy
Chile and pinto
Pork and beans
String and potato

In a stew
In my shoe
In the park
Just have a hart

Kidney and limas too
Oh what can I do?
Had them fried
Refried and retried

Had them when they’re sprouts
Even when I pout
You know what this is about
They don’t go with trout

You know what I fear
I have had them up to here
Green beans it seems, will be coming out my ears
They be calling me a green horn for years

Ca n I not have another plate of beans
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
They are not a winner
But they get me thru the winter

Bake or boiled
Till from the soil
Even soy, they make oil
Used them as a toy, when I was a boy

Hope this has bean a joy
No more beans for this old boy

Thank you and God Bless


sulekkha said...

It has indeed been a joy, I mean Bean a joy lol. Loved your poem.

Anonymous said...

*chuckle* So now is not a good time to mention that my beans have started to sprout in the garden today?! lol

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Excellent! Love your blog.
Regards, Mari

the blogger who read and comment

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