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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

lot of sleep

I forgot when I was asleep
I had been counting sheep
Although they did not bleat
I was asleep counting sheep
Was that a hog?
Where is that dog?
What is that rustling my sheep
Better be on my feet
I was asleep counting sheep
Get out of bed
You sleepy head
Wake up and go to sleep
You are counting sheep
Saw that log
Here comes that dog
The sheep are in a bog
No more sawing that log
Can’t find them in this fog
I was asleep counting sheep
Hey cowpokes don’t count sheep
Say, they went that away
This is no time to play
Hit the hay
I forgot when I was asleep
 Counting sheep


sulekkha said...

Good one, Roy. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love your new background too! I have been wanting to get over here for a while but I have started a 2nd blog, it u know at 1st, they take a little more work and time. So finally had a little breather! Hope you are doing okay, & wanted u 2 know I would never 4get you! Just got busy. Take care & I will be back. :))

Royal Nirupam said...

good but not as your previous posts

Patricia Lynne said...

Cute Ray!

Anonymous said...

Can't sleep with all those animals running around! Cute, Roy. I'm enjoying poetry month!

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