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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

lot of watermelons

Watermelons! why are there No wild growing watermelons
Question is writing an art
Words how they Rome
Just looking for a home
Saddle up old Rhone
Wrangler’s rides
Just where they hide
Keep them in stride
Hook them up fan them out
Don’t forget the trout
What’s this all about
Its spring time in the Rockies
Watermelons! Why are there No wild growing watermelons about


chejom2010 said...

water melon ..water melon..theres no wild growing because it rare and need extra care..and it depends also on the breed of seeds,some are hybreed and some ordinary..i hope i do make sense.

Roy Durham said...

they raise watermelon here and there, watermelons are eta just about and anywhere. the seeds a spit out on the ground the same. i have been eating them for sixty years gone all over the west and never found a wild one. it only takes one seed to grow a watermelon and they were not something man-made. it has always puzzle me. why there are no wild watermelons

sulekkha said...

Roy, you are on a roll now. Sweet poem, waiting for your next one.

Anna L. Walls said...

Something tells me you like watermelons. Have you planted any yet?

Anonymous said...

Watermelons are tasty some have said,
Spit out the seeds they're not the best,
But birds upon them have surely fed,
So no wild watermelons have come to rest

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