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Thursday, March 10, 2011

lot of winner

One two three four
There are no more
One two three
It’s time to see
One two
Who won?
You are the one
The prize two
Go to three
There is no four
Unmask you ask
You met the task
Horace did ask
To say
Have great day


Anonymous said...

A very nice tribute to a well-deserving winner!

Kriti said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! I am jubilant. Congratulations and celebrations - thank you thank you thank you!

JIM said...

Really nice one Roy.. Your okay lol.. A great tribute to an extremely nice person

sulekkha said...

Sweet poem by a sweet man for a sweet girl. Love it and I salute you both, my favorite critic, Roy and my Mitr, Kriti.

tapas said...

one two three four
why is roy so sore
one two three
roy with glee
one two
never say boo
one roy
forever joy

Kriti said...

LOL Tapas - great one - Roy what do you say?

karina said...

This is so sweet!

Roy Durham said...

here to you tapas great friend an poet cheers it not a beer it the chaser water here lol like it.

Mari S. Wilbur said...

Kriti is a sweet friend of mine and has directed me to your site. I can see I will not be disappointed!

Regards, Mari

Debra said...

Roy, what a sweet poem for Kriti!
~ Love and blessings

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