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Monday, June 27, 2011

lot another poem

This is a poem of a poem
You should never be without a poem
A poem maybe of home
Or some place you Rome

How do you hone a poem?
You use a shaping stone
Maybe a grinding wheel
If it is was made of steel

Poem of poem a riming riddle
Cooked on a griddle
With some fruit in the middle
Or maybe cheese a dream if you please

This fellar in Nome
Would never leave home
The freezing air
Has him stuck up there all a lone

Riddle on the griddle
Something in the middle
You may be prone to put butter
Maple or honey it’s just never known

What is it?
Leave your guess in the comments
Thank you and god bless


sulekkha said...

Give me a hint please, enjoyed reading but not knowing the answer is frustrating.

Roy Durham said...

it is in the poem it starts with s

karina said...

Nice poem Roy.

I will have to pass on my guess!

K :-)

Roy Durham said...

if you thing about it you may have said it while reading the poem

marieclv54 said...

Could be fluffy, like marshmallow in the middle of the griddle.

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