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Friday, July 22, 2011

just a lot of re-ride

It has been brought to my attention that some of you may not know a lot about the paraphernalia and accruements that are put on a horses. So I have rewritten the poem and add some educational info. Most people know about the saddle and bridle but there is a lot more. Now the bridle is also called a head stall. Then there is the halter, sometimes called a head collar. Moving down the neck there is the breast plate and the check rein. This arrangement is commonly called a Martingale. The purposes of is to keep the horse from hitting or butting you with his head, keeping his head down and the saddle from sliding back on the horse. Used a lot when jumping a horse or in gymkhana events. 

Next we have the saddle. Now there are many type of saddles from English to western with a number of ways of riggin. There is another piece of tack that serves to keep the saddle in the right spot on the horse.  Here it the story about that.

Kid Crupper

There are many tails I am told of men brave and bold
Who have rode the wild ponies of old
This is a tail from somewhere on the trail, where kid cruppier found his fame

A shy lad, his lot was not to blame
Hired out to clean the stable to put something on the table
For a dollar a week a place to sleep and some keep, He did sweep

Now down from the hills the wild ponies of the mountain range brought home to tame they came, stallion and mares
Chased by mountain lions, wolves, and bares
Broom tailed nags; cockleburs knotted the same, raised on loco weed, a cowboy’s night mares to ride and tame
Coral gate closed a day to celebrate the round up done, time for some cowboy fun

 Lady and gent upon the fence to see all the bravery hence
The horses I am told could not be controlled by the braves and bold
The kid did appear with his hands on a beer
He loudly boasts of horses he knew the most for all to hear
Now cow folks know when they hear a good boast
 From dappled Philly to the oh that strawberry roan
He knew every line of that old poem
He knew them so well Heck he could tell just by smell alone

Blind folded they led him around the town checking the horses that he could not see what they might be
He kid did say it’s a bay eating barley hay
This wild stallion bay eating some hay they did saddled the wrong way
They led him this way to claim his throne they did say

Settle in the head on the wrong end let him out they did shout
Ride em cowboy that what horses are all about
Well the kid’s legs did flail around the neck like a martin graben’ a quail, his boots tangled in a knot,

That pony did more then trot, well the kid grabs for some main and got a hand full of tail

The pain you could tell he did let out a yell

The horse did the buck and did sprout wings, the kid did yodel it seems was that tally ho or let me go
up and over the fence they did sailed, Headed down the Chisum trail.
Now that not the end
For all cowboys know you saddle a horse with the crupper around the tail end
crupper from back of saddle and around the 

This is my cowboy poetry entry for this year’s contest at the Weber country fair and rodeo
 thank you and god bless


fantacy in practicality said...

nice poem, enjoyed reading it:))

Rimly said...

All the best for the contest Roy. Thank you for sharing something about horses

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I didn't have a clue about this..thank u Roy..and all the best.

Royal Nirupam said...

Every line of it,declaring your might in thinking.Loved it.

Jan said...

Nice versing. Good Luck with the contest.

Jim said...

You're going to win with that tail Roy!

sulekkha said...

Roy, you are going to make cowboys and cowgirls out of us pretty soon LOL, great poem, thanks for sharing,god bless

BlogNostics said...

What a cowboy ride you gave us Roy! Loved that poem.

melissa said...

Wow Roy! Congratulations. Your poem is worth it.

I love the re-ride :) That kept me going.

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