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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the lot of kid Crupper

I ain't Louie La-more but it is cowboy poetry. so have some fun straight from the old barn yard.

Kid Crupper

There are many tails I am told of men brave and bold
Who have rode the wild ponies of old
This is a tail from somewhere on the trail, where kid cruppier found his fame
A shy lad, his lot was not to blame
Hired out to clean the stable
For a dollar a week and some keep
 He did sweep
Now down from the hill the wild ponies of the mountain range, stallion and mares
 Chased by mountain lions, wolves, and bares
Broom tailed and cockleburs feed on loco weed, a cowboy’s night mare
A day to celebrate round up done, time for some fun
 Lady and gent upon the fence to see all the bravery hence
The horses I am told could not be controlled by the braves and bold
The kid did appear with his hands on a beer
He loudly boasts of horses he knew the most for all to hear
Now cow folks know when they hear a good boast
 From dapple Philly to strawberry roan
He knew every line of the poem
Heck he could tell just by smell alone
This stallion eating some hay they saddled the wrong way
Blind folded the kid did say it’s a bay eating barley hay
They led him this way to his throne they did say
Settle in the head on the wrong end let him out they did shout
Ride em cowboy that what horses are all about
Well the kids legs did flail around the neck his boots did lock he grab the tail
Up and over the fence they did sail
Head down the Chisum trail now that not the end
For all cowboys know to saddle a horse with the crupper around the tail end
   thank you and god bless


Debbie said...

What a fun poem Roy! I can picture them now all cracking up and having fun.

Roy Durham said...

it's fun rodeo fun cowboys have fun no real harm done

Jan said...

What a fine poem you've written. I love the humor.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Its fun all the way..I am letting my imagination go places,and wish I could see something like this...

Rimly said...

I laughed reading it. was imaging the rider and the horse!! Ha,ha,ha

Corinne Rodrigues said...

You have such a gift, Roy of making things fun and interesting too :)

SJ said...

I like it, its engaging and cute.

Roy Durham said...

there and old joke when ask "what a cuopper?" the answer is any horses ass know that. i just add a twist to it.

melissa said...

I want a pony ride too Roy!

BlogNostics said...

You are the finest cowboy poets of all time pardner!

JIM said...

You had me smiling the whole poem...and a laugh at the end..great way for me to start a day!!
Thank You

Kriti said...

Cool cool poem Roy - this was great fun!

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