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Sunday, July 17, 2011

morning till dawn

From morning till dawn

I heard the song of a whippoorwill
My heart it did thrill
I saw the flight of a morning dove
Heard its cooing song of love

Saw Loon and swan gliding on the pond
A doe deer and fawn greeting the dawn
A meadow lark trills melodies of blue bells and honey bees
The mocking bird sits his perch for all to see and conduct the symphony

Rosters and crows crack the whip
Sweat rolls down a cooling drip
It’s such a pretty day
To be working in a field of hay

Now the moon should be rising soon
The coyote sings his lonesome tune
The owl’s watchful eyes
Trace the stars across the sky

Thank god a cowboy day is never done
 Thank you and god bless


JIM said...

That would be a great day indeed. All that nature around you!!!!

Yoshay said...

Absolutely loved your lyrical poetry Roy. Imbued with a strong sense of the love of nature and the celebration of being out under the open sky. The birds singing at the break of dawn and the coyote's calling of the end of a day was really well written. Thank you for sharing a lovely poem.

Roy Durham said...

think you Jim and Yoshay it just how i feel today.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

There can be no greater satisfaction and solace than to be connected with the wonders created by soak in its your poem Roy..

Artyjax said...

This sounds like where I live here in Bonny Scotland! Thanks Roy

SJ said...

Can think of no better way than to be out there in the midst of it all, taking in the sounds, smells - although maybe keep away from the cattle for a bit if i'm breathing deeply :)

Ravenmyth said...

I want to be in your are a true Poet Roy...beautifully written, I could feel all the busy comings and goings of nature in this beginning of a beautiful day...Loved it...

Anna L. Walls said...

Beautiful. Love it.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Your poem is beautiful and well written I can picture it all. I wish I was there riding my horse, Mica, enjoying the sites and sounds.

Debbie said...

Great poem Roy ... love hearing about your cowboy adventures...

Debra said...

Roy, not only is your imagery striking, but the sense of sound is clear: the whippoorwill song, the mourning dove coo, meadowlark trill…you have caught the poetry charm and showed the wonders of nature to your readers, giving us a clear picture of a day in the life of one cowboy!

melissa said...

I would love to share that day with you Roy... I appreciate everything I see, hear and feel around me... You are so blessed to have these creatures around you...

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