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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lot of update news

It’s Wednesday and to me that means one thing 1+1, that right Sweepy jean. She has a freebee, a copy of her poems from the challenge of last April. The free copy is worth more than what it would cost to buy, it’s a pearl of great price like love. So click your way over there and get your copy and by the way leave two words. It is the thing to do.

Here is a footnote, make that a headnote to yesterday post. Those ladies of the sky got there training from these ladies:

At some point today I hope to take a video of them flying over my home. I will update this post when I do.

Just for the fun of it here is some silliness:

Clueless it’s under your shoe
So take it off, now you are shoeless
Take a step and you will see
Where the creep crawly things like to feed
Just where is my shoe
Stuck in some gooey goo
Among the mud and muck
It would be my luck
For my shoe to get stuck
 Oh where could it be?
Headed out to sea
Hey there a walrus in my shoe
Darn it all
Its behind don’t lose your mind
In this foaming brine
I am sure it will wash out so don’t pout
It’s fun that all about
The mud between your toes!

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless


Lily Brenner said...

Love your "silliness" as it does make my heart smile. It is good to have some fun in life. ;)

Jan said...

Love the photo of the lady pilots, Sweepy jean, already done, and your silliness makes my day. <3

Adriene Joyce (a.k.a Sweepy Jean) said...

Roy, you may be a cowboy, but you are a prince of a man. I can't thank you enough for your lovely words and support. Stay well, and know that I appreciate your wonderful spirit. Although i must say, I don't know how that walrus got in your shoe ...

Adriene (Sweepy)

Kriti said...

Sweepy is fabulous! Love your poem too : )) Have been missing you much ...

sulekkha said...

Mud between the toes can be messy, great pic and Sweepy's poems are fantastic. I have the copy already.

fantacy in practicality said...

the mud stuck inbetween in childhood days while we played, speciaaly duing the rainy seasons.
i wish to open my shoes again to play silly and childish.

u made my childhood days come back. the silliness is still in my heart, renewed by your lovely poem:))

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