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Thursday, September 1, 2011

lot of signs

One of the skills that is important to ones survival out on the trail is the ability to read sign. It a very useful skill, There are some signs you hear and some that you feel, but most are signs that you see, signs that a bear is in the area or signs that a deer or rabbit might be found. Here in the cyber world of the World Wide Web there are signs although they are called icons that do much the same thing. They convey important information about the world to us.

Some year back there was an old Indian who would not sign a peace treaty, He was good at reading sign.

When ask why, he said it was because of the signs.  

There are a lot of signs that inform me that I am getting to be an old man. My body tells me I can’t do like I did some time ago. One of the signs I see is this one for the

Now that I have reached the age of sixty five I receive the added benefit of medical insurance that will allow me to repair the old road warned body of mine so I have been seeing a lot of doctors and having a lot of test to see what needs to be fix and what they can repair. One of the thing they all tell me is I need more exercise, and I guess they are right however with my bad knee  walking is a problem and I have a handicap parking  permit.  When trying to find a parking spot at these medical facially I look for the handicap parking as close to the door as I can find. As I walk with some difficulty I find that the closest parking is reserved for the doctors. The question I have is do I listen to them or is this, another global warning issue???

Thank you and God Bless


Larry Lewis said...

Being the owner of a fitness gym, i'd say that there advise should also include park as far away from the facility as possible to increase your amount of walking. I read that you have a problem with your knee, so not knowing the details i can't say whether that is physically possible for you, but in most cases stretching and light weight training can help many knee and other joint problems. Any time you want any advise fb me

Jan said...

Great post, I so understand the dilemma.

Debbie said...

I get frustrated when I am parking (normal spaces) and someone pulls into a handicap spot leans over and grabs the handicap sign from the floor. As I watch them hang it on the mirror I think to myself why do they remove it anyways? But it's even worse when I see them jump outta their car with no apparent signs of actually needing to park there. Meanwhile there is an elderly lady barely making it across the lot... Frustrating .... I feel your frustration Roy...

I am not handicap but I get equally frustrated at some of the signs....

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