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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nova Poe-a-tree hop

Are you ready to rock the Poe-a-tree-hop?  The prompt for this hop is the Rose flower of love. How does the rose say love? When you are given a rose what does it say to you? If you give a rose what are you trying to say?
Here is a rose for you @-}-. What about paper roses do they mean the same? Do you give your love to rose? Ok write a poem or short store, or a photo poem of rose’s and post, be sure to add your link in the linky tool. God bless and have fun at the hop.

Primitive rose

What is in a rose that says I love you?
Is it the red heart shape of young blossom?
Can it be your sweet aroma that says adore?
Our hand meet a thorn does greet
Our blood does join
My life pours out, my soul seeks you
Is my
Take to
Your bosom
My love

Thank you and god bless


Jim said...

OOps Roy, I posted the wrong link to my Sparrow and the Rose poetry. So will post again.

Jim said...

Second link is correct. You have excelled with your sweet poetry Roy.
Hope you like my Sparrow and the Rose. You'll probably know her.

Andy said...

Hello Roy.
How are you feeling?
I've been itching to get my entry in before bedtime. Hope it does justice to your Hop.

See you soon!

A Weeping Rose

Andy said...'re a romantic afterall!
Love your poem Roy.
Nice ending!

Bongo said...

your poem is beautiful ....As always......XOXOXOXOXO

GeetS said...

wow beautiful!

John in France said...

I have overlooked my roses and will go and pick a bunch tomorrow for my wife! Thanks.

Rimly said...


Alpana Jaiswal said...

beautifully written Roy...

Leah Griffith said...

Roy, you never seize to surprise me. This was romantic, soft, and just pure loveliness.

Mary said...

Roy, this is lovely. So delicately written :)

Anna said...

Oh Roy, a true romantic at heart :)

Debbie said...

Lovely poem Roy... A romantic cowboy :) Enjoy your day and bless you and yours

Siddhartha said...

It was a joyous journey for me.. something i have not done before.. i hope you all will love my page!

And Roy, you can really create a moment with words. t.c.

Mary said...

Roy, the first link was to my old poe-a-tree hop...not sure how it did that, but it did :( So you can remove the first one if you like.

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