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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poe-a-tree hop 11-17

Poe-a-tree hop, ok let see if we can write a poem of short tail or a photo essay about this “The day I spent with _________.” A person place or thing from history, must have been someone , place or thing you admire like Ben Franklin, Marie Antoinette, Annie Oakley, Mae West, Ansel Adams, Cleopatra, Suzanne RD Tata, Tatonka, you name it. Have fun with it, what did you talk about or see.

My day with Nick

I was beside myself
Watching that jolly old elf
Tap, tap nip and tuck
Its Johnny’s new truck

A stitch here and there
Comb her hair, paint her nose
It’s a dolly named Polly for Molly
I declare this is more fun than a county fair

Main and bridle
Clip and clop
Hobby horse ready to ride
This one is for Amelia

Planes and trains
Toot, toot
 Chug, chug chew, chew
Away we flew

Lunch break
Cookies and milk
Deck the hall mistletoe and holly
Popcorn cranberry chain around the dolly

Its getting late
I have to run
Its been fun
Helping you get ready for your Christmas run

As I saddle old paint
To get where I Ain’t
He laughs and said
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Thank you for hopping by and god bless
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JANU said...


Mary said...

That was great Roy! I absolutely loved it. What imagery :) Not sure if I will make it this week or not, Michaela and I have some projects we are working on today...but know that if I don't, I am still with you all in spirit :)

Jerly said...


sulekkha said...

Great poem Roy, I see you are already in the Christmas spirit. I hope to be on this poetry hop.

Alpana Jaiswal said...

You do have a vivid imagination Roy,I love it..

Pokey's Pals said...

Awesome poem! I love all the alliteration & rhyme!

Rimly said...

This is an amazing poem with Nick Roy. Loved it

Monu Awalla said...

lovely poem.. cute kind of.. very cute :)

melissa said...

Opppss...I just saw that Hop call from the BP page and was reminded of this.I'm still thinking which historical figure...

When you wrote Nick, I was thinking of Josh Nick lol...

It's a wonderful poem...with cookies and milk too. What a real treat :)

Jan said...

Great post Roy, You have a way of making things come alive. <3<3<3

Andy said...

Looks like someone is already in the Christmas swing of things!
Nice & jolly Roy.
Thanks for sharing.

I couldn't comment on your post earlier, but congratulations on your first publication! I'm extremely happy for you.

All the best for now, my friend.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

Lily Brenner said...

Hello Roy:
Sure enjoyed your poetry of Christmas! I hadn't even entertained the thought of Christmas and the christmas spirit yet, although now I will. It'll be here before very long.

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