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Monday, November 14, 2011

lot of awards

Howdy, I am trying to catch up on somethings I was not able to respond to while I was recovering from my eye surgeries.  I was awarded some awards one was the Strait Form the Heart award form Mary Hudak-Collins

Another is the Liebster Blog award from someone I have lost in the mix of things. To this I would like to say I sorry.  And when I find the person who gave me the award I will do a post just on them.

I have added a page (see tab at the top) with all the awards on it and will be up dating it with the links to each in the next few days.

To these award I am very humbled and honored thank you and god bless all.

I have learned that I won a contest I did not known I had entered and I have been honored with a write up on Mattias Kroon’s blog thank you Mattias and god bless.

Now here is something I thought I posted a guest post by Sulekha Rawat aka “Lucks” but it’s so good it needs to be reposting if I missed it.  So here is Lucks poem, her link to her latest post, a good read here and there.
You came along

I had lost the will to live,
until you came along.
Riding on a white horse.
My knight in shining Armor.

You stirred my dormant feelings,
aroused me from,
the slumber of desolation.
Opened my eyes,
to the wonderful world,
and made me,
see the beauty of life.

I had packed my bags,
and was ready to go,
You stopped me from leaving.
You stood in my way.
You wouldn’t let me leave.
You wouldn’t let me go.

I opened my eyes,
and looked at you.
My heart abandoned me,
And rushed towards you.

Before I change my mind,
I need to know, is it pity?
Sympathy? Charity?
Why don’t you want me to go?
I don’t need any of those things.
What I want is your soul.
Is it asking for too much?

If you can promise me this,
I will stay back happily, if not,
don’t worry, I won’t go away.
Will be here, thinking of you,
Wishing you were here.
Will go through,
the motions of living,
until my dying day.

Lucks aka Sulekha

Now for the awards

 awards to some very deserving people.

Mary Hudak-Collins
Jessica Bryant
Kriti Mukherjee
Jan Neel
Andy David
Ed Lawrence
Bonnie Panter Gayadeen
Rimly Bezbaruah
Alpana Jaiswal
Melissa Tandoc
Jessica Mokrzycki
Dawn Sievers
Mattias Kroon

This award is the love lives Jesus lives

The only thing you have to do is share it
Thank you and god Bless


Bongo said...

Congratulations on you awards and thank you for this award means a lot As always...XOXOXOXO

Jan said...

Congratulations on all your awards Roy, and thank you for the one you have bestowed on me, I truly am humbled by it. <3<3<3

Andy said...

Congratulations on your awards & mentions Roy.
Thanks for the award. I appreciate your kindness.

Healing Morning said...

Congratulations on your award, Roy! I also saw where you just got published and I'm so happy for you! Thank you, my friend, for thinking of me for your Jesus Lives award. :)

- DAwn

Mary said...

Thank you so very much Roy. I am honored and will display it proudly :) Congratulations to all the other recipients as well! A wonderful post you have written.

sulekkha said...

Hearty congratulations on the awards and many thanks for posting my poem again...god bless.

JANU said...

Congratulations for winning so many accolades.
Congrats to other winners too.

Rimly said...

Roy thank you so much for including me among such great bloggers. Yes of course I will share them. Congratulations on winning an award on Mattias's blog

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Congratulations Roy,and thank you so much,I am deeply touched.

Leah Griffith said...

Congratulations to all on your awards! I loved the poem...gorgeous!!

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