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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is a child

There is a child
Who won’t sleep tonight
There is a child
Who won’t eat today
There is a child

There is a child
Who won’t play today
There is a child
Who won’t smile tonight
There is a child

There is a child
Who will die today
There is a child
Who will cry for help
There is a child

There is a child
That no one loves
There is a child
That has no hope
There is a child

There is a child
Who will pray today
There is a child

Is there something you can do? You can pray, you can feed a child, you can play with a child, you can help a child, you can love a child, you can stop child abuse, you can give a child hope, you can. Can you?

Learn the sign, tell someone who can do something to stop the abuse, teach children to repost abuse and listen, post this ribbon on your site and every post.

Thank you and May God give you the strength to stop child abuse god bless


Portia said...

you are a great soul.

Siddhartha said...

great post! this will surely spread awareness! SU!


Alpana Jaiswal said...

This is so well written Roy...God bless u always.

Leah Griffith said...

Roy, this post is very close to my heart. Thank you for posting are such a sweetheart.

Kriti said...

Took my heart this one Roy! I would take care of each child in this world if I could. Instead I just try and do the best I can to what I see around me.

Amy said...

last week every time I turned around there was someone being accused of Child Abuse; I was so outraged by it that it triggered thoughts of a movie from '99 called Boondock Saints...I posted a clip on my blog; it makes me so angry...

I know violence is not the answer as this movie suggests but.....With TV, internet new, Facebook, twitter and all the other Social Media forums we are talking about it; I think it is much more difficult to turn a blinds eye to it.

We can no-longer keep silent!!!!

Rimly said...

This touched my heart Roy. You are a truly a very good human being

Tameka said...

Wonderful ode to innocence Roy. You will be blessed all your days for caring deeply about children.

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

This brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. You have such a tender, loving heart, Roy. Thank you for reminding us all to look out for the beautiful, innocent children.

"If anyone puts a stumbling block in front of these little ones, it would be better to tie a millstone around his neck and jump into the sea."


Jan said...

Beautiful post Roy, near and dear to my heart as well. By informing we can eradicate this abuse. We just have to try. In the meantime I pray for the ones who no one knows about, suffering in silence. Thank you for this post.

SJ said...

Wonderful post Roy, very well written and striking images designed to make you think x

Mary said...

God Bless you Roy <3

fantacy in practicality said...

everytime i see you dedicating your writings to very sensitive issues, this poem is also no exception. i hug your cause. you are truly a very nice human being with noble thoughts.

JANU said...

Wonderful Roy...bless you <3

Nelieta said...

A wonderful post Roy! May you be blessed in abundance!

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