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Monday, December 19, 2011

a little update

December  19, 2011 it ‘s twenty degree’s and cold, last week the engineering report was finished on Friday too late to get the requited building permits and the city offices were close so today they will be getting the permits. They got a roof back on my house, but there is a lot of work to be done. They have to repair the electrical and plumbing as the cold weather has frozen the pipes; that is for sure. The house has to be brought up to date as far as the building codes. Then they have to re insulate the roof and put on the roofing. Then all the repairs to the ceiling and walls and a new coat of paint and new carpet, this all will take seven to ten days they say, so we may be back home by new year’s, I hope.

The coat for kid was given out last Saturday and from all reports it went well. I was not able to help give them out but I did help raise funds for the project. The look on the kids face says it all. Here are a few photos of the event. 
The knights

It fits

This 11 year old girl's mother is in the hospital with stage four cancer  and will not live to the new year
coat and a dolly too

Thank you for your help and  prayers god bless

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