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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what do they call it

What do they call it?

This is call a gaggle of geese
A school of koi the reflection of the Moon and 


A murder of crows

well they call this a artesian spring or well
starting to freeze
the landing of a 102 mph roof not good
My ghost is haunting it
busy day so just some sights of today, the best is from the Philippians 
The book made it to 

Melissa when she gets of work LoL

Thank you and god bless its been a long day.


Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Love you, Roy! Please know that you are on my church prayer chain and in my prayers daily!
What a beautiful photo of the child holding your book. May your sales of this exceed your wildest expectations!
All blessings from the Lord and rest in Him be yours, my friend.

Andy said...

Hello Roy.
How are you holding up, my friend? I know it's frustrating, but keep courage.

All your photos are great, but the one of the little girl holding your book has got to be the cutest...a little joy in all this madness with your house!

Best wishes.
Thanks for sharing.

For ref:
Under Your Spell

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Roy you're such a brave and positive man and that's why you are so loved and respected....Good luck with the book and may your house get restored real soon too. ♥

Alpana Jaiswal said...

I do pray and hope that your house gets restored soon,and I wish you every success with your book.

JANU said...

Good wishes Roy...hold on and things will be fine.

Jan said...

Love and prayers to you and your wife. Is that Melissa's daughter? She is beautiful, good luck with your book. Great photos btw.

Rimly said...

Roy how are you coping? Knowing how positive and optimistic a man you are you will pull through this one too. God bless you

Portia said...

I admire and respect your spirit even after that '102mph' cruel's visit.

sulekkha said...

Good luck with the house and best of luck for the book as well, Roy.

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