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Saturday, December 10, 2011

some gift ideas for men

Well I am a man, well maybe an old man. There a lot of things I like, something I want. This maybe silly, but I like it when a child says mommy where is a cowboy! I would like to have a horse again, but I can't ride any more, and I don't have a place to keep one. Now I got my old truck, it could use a set of new tires. Most of the time I don't know just what I want. Now I have worn a suit and tie to work to be a professional engineer, and went with the guys out for a drink after work. Well I hate to say it fellows, but we are a lot like man's best friend. Give us a ball or a stick, a cat, a car, a good looking woman to chase most of which we would not know what to do, if we caught one. Now! I like good aged whiskey a lot like beer.

 We all like toys cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats, tools, heck some of us like clothes. There is not one of us that don't like and want a pat on the head or back! Yap; we like to howl at the moon, roll around in the dirt, fight to see who the boss. As too what we want for Christmas? Ask the dog, and if he tells you I want that dog! You might give us a dog so we can learn to be men. But if you did, well we just might become a dog. We don't like to be tied up, but we will hang around for three square meals a day and a little petting now and then. Now! Mouse says he doesn't know he is not a man he is a mouse, but he likes dogs because they chase cats. Now then for this old man I would like a set of teeth, a new pair of glasses, and a hearing aid so I don't get in to so much trouble and a new knee so I can go for a walk. But! Most of all the love of my family and that I know I have. 

Mouse you scared that turkey away! I had a good shot!! What do you mean you were going to get a deer? I see the tracks! did you see they can fly? There are faster than them half 44s your pack'en! Ya! What do you mean you wing him? He was halfway to New York before you got a shot off! Ya I saw the red on his nose. You're going to what? Call him?he run-off!! Ya! More reindeer tracks!>>>>>>>>>> I'm going back to the bunkhouse. It's getting cold. 

Thank you and god bless

Friday, December 9, 2011

this moment Friday 12-9

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted fromSouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

Thank you and god bless

Thursday, December 8, 2011

lot of gift ideas for women

Whoa! Men! That is a dangerous trail up ahead. Women! Well! 

They like strings of pearls .diamond Rings, fine chocolate, shiny things, and changing their mind. It can drive a man plum loco! Trying to figure out just what they want. 

They don't like mouse. They like kitten, puppy dogs, soft furry things, and clothes.

wolf puppy's

 Well, they don't care for mouse. They like to dance, and drink champagne. They like to talk on the phone. They don't like being alone. But they will tell you to leave them alone. They like hugs and kisses; sometimes. They're not crazy about outboard motor or weed eaters. They like ribbons for their hair, and things to make them smell nice.

 Where is that darn mouse he might know something! Well! You had better get something, even if they say don't. You will be right if you are wrong, and wrong if there are right and their always right. Like I said it's a dangerous trail. Good luck! I'm going to find mouse and see if he can get me out of this mess!!!

PS: Give them all your love.

Thank you for coming by and god bless

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

lot of Christmas gifts

Got your shopping done? Is there someone you just cannot find the right gift for? Well here is a gift idea at least something that I wished I had got a long time ago. Give someone and you a journal, dairy, a book of writing pages, and supply of pencil or pens.

 Before you give it to them write something in it, that you would like them to know about you. Ask them a question. If it is for one of your children, take time to write in the book every day. Tell them about something they did that you like, or maybe tell them that you are going to fix pancakes for breakfast. Leave them a challenge to learn about something or someone. Let them read what you wrote. Let them write what they want. Keep it positive. In time it you and them will grow you will lean the meaning of love and understanding. The book will be something that will grow in value with time. If it is for a friend ask to write in it every time you see them. You will be part of their book and life. Well merry Christmas. I hope this helps! Reindeer tracks >>>> >>>> >>>> watch video >>>> >>>>

I know what someone is getting for Christmas but I won't tell!!! Ha ho he!!!  Hey Mouse more reindeer track >>>> >>>>

Say Andre the squirrel and the Christmas gift, makes a great gift.

Thank you  for coming by  god bless and merry Christmas 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what do they call it

What do they call it?

This is call a gaggle of geese
A school of koi the reflection of the Moon and 


A murder of crows

well they call this a artesian spring or well
starting to freeze
the landing of a 102 mph roof not good
My ghost is haunting it
busy day so just some sights of today, the best is from the Philippians 
The book made it to 

Melissa when she gets of work LoL

Thank you and god bless its been a long day.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

lot of nor'easter

Howdy all, well I guess you all would like to know just what the heck going on with this old cowboy. Last Thursday morning about 8:00 am I was trying to get a post ready to post when I heard and a loud crash and my wife screaming “oh my god”. I got up and head to the front room on my way to my wife who was in the kitchen. My way was block by the celling sheetrock, I did know if a tree or something had fell on our house or what. Using my cane I broke thru the sheetrock to find that just the celling had fallen. I had to break thru the sheetrock to get to my wife. I found she was unhurt and that the front door was blocked with the celling. At this point I called 911 for the fire department to come to our aid.

In what seemed like an hour but was only about three minutes the firemen were there. They remove our celling and the fallen insulation and inspected the roof. We were all standing in the front room, a little puzzled, my wife and I and six firemen and one peace officer, I asked the firemen was there a tree on the house or just what cause the celling to come down. He reported that there was no tree on the house; all that has happen is your celling fell. I then ask if it was safe for us to stay in our home or would we have to find a place to stay till I could get the celling put back up. The firemen said that there is nothing wrong with the roof and he did not see any reason that we would have to leave “everything is ok you will just have to get someone to put your celling back up.
the fireman who said the roof is fine not more then five minutes earlier 

 No sooner had he said that, that the roof went flying and we all stood there looking up at blue sky. The young peace officer went out the front door faster than the roof left, the fire captain said “everybody out”. Now this did not to seem to be the right thing to do as the roof was gone and the walls were blocking the wind. It was reported that the microburst winds was 102 mph. that is faster when my horse however I believe that my hat is just as fast as it went with the roof.

my hat on it's way back by my son-in-law
We evacuated to my sons house a mile away, I had to go back to the house to get mine and my wife’s medications. In the driving time a tree was blown down across the street from my house blocking the road.  After getting the things we needed I went to my insurance agent and told him that my roof had been blown off, he gave me a phone number of the contractor they use and for me to call and he would fix my roof. I call the contractor and he said that he would come and take a look at it and make some arrangements to get it fix as soon as possible. Well I met with the contractor about 5:00 pm and he said he was a roofing contractor and he could not roof a roof that does not exist. He called the insurance agent and told him to get a building contractor to come and put a roof on the house first. Lol

Well they have put us up in a motel and we have had a lot of running to do. This is the first of a series of posts on the wind damage and all the funny thing that have happen from the start of this month. I would like to say thank you to the folks that have bought my Christmas story.

For now thank you all for your prayers and coming by god bless

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