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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lot O Green

Are we ready for a wee bit of fun?  Some Poe-a-tree fun! Mouse has this big idea that he is going to catch a leprechaun. He thinks he saw one in Leprechaun Canyon while rounding up some strays.  He says he is going to be rich when he gets the leprechaun gold. Leprechaun Canyon is here in Utah.

The entrance to leprechaun Canyon 

Now it going to be a wee bit of green next Saturday and the leprechaun will be out running around. So to find out just who is a leprechaun we are going to have a Poe-a-tree hop. 

Write your poem or story of green and leprechaun’s. We will have the Mr. linky tool up so we can hop all over the place. Post your poem, story of green, or photos of green or the pot of gold, after mid night Friday night. Oh! And have a happy Saint Patty Day.

Thank you for stopping by and god bless

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