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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lot a spring morning

Have you ever seen something that cost a nickel?
It was in a barrel crisp and green it has been seen.
Long ago it stood there, causing joy from its lair.
A spring day I will pay a nickel for the pickle.

Feather or a hair flowing on the air
Nose, nap of the neck what to pick?
Foot or calf might do the trick
What a pickle, what to tickle

Laugh and giggle just a little wiggle
Spice with dill what a thrill
Under the chin a sunny grin
Under the nose will your toes crinkle?

In the middle under a rib
Do you need a bib?
A fox tail will do
It just might get you

Crinkled, giggle and wiggle
Pickle and tickle all for just a nickel
Sand and sea between your toes
A feather tackled your nose

A flower peddle that of a rose
Wrinkled your nose to meet your eyes
Bless you is my surprised reply
Tickling fun a spring morning giggle

Thank you and god bless

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