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The daisy lemmas riff

Howdy! Are you ready to have some fun? Are you ready for some adventure? Do you want to look for hidden treasure? Visit new places travel the world? Do you like to play games? Do like to read a good story? Do you like meeting new people? How about make new friends? Maybe find a new job? Have you ever just surf the web? Have you got what it takes to be a world class traveler? Do you seek wisdom and knowledge? Do you want to be part of something big? Would you like travel back in time or go the future?
If you have answered yes to any of these then be here on Friday January 28, 2011 at high noon mountain standard time and begin your joinery. Here are the rules: read the short story find the links and click and you are off on the adventure. As you travel report on face book where you have been or tweet tell about your adventure or what treasure you have found. Have fun. A growing group of blog writers, artist, and photographers, have join to write a story each have written a chapter of the story, you are the main character in the story. The story is ongoing and changing at will, your will. You are in control of it. The links will change weekly this game is evolving, if you come back the next day the story will change. Last rule; leave a foot print or your mark the trial by leaving a comment at every page of the story

The daisy lemmas riff

Welcome to the Void! Time has no place, there are no dimensions, and this is your first step in to the unknown. Tron cannot help you! You are Welcome going on a great adventure. There is great wealth to be found the knowledge of many things, you may be here but you were there and now you are where, there is a mystery to be solved. Treasure to be found; where you are bound? There is no stop, no up, no down, and no back just next.  Your mission is to find your way back here. You can’t stay here, you must seek the future.  I cannot tell you the future as you have not been there. There is no past no present and no future. There is no time here. I am the void. You are a traveler a follower you must follow the path and bring back time and space.  Join and follow the followers back here. I need depth and width.  I have no dimension. I am dark energy I have escaped a black hole. If you stay I will consume you with the madness of the void.  There are three doorways out of here choose one and travel to time and space. I can see a window where you can leave a message on face book. Here are the doorways one is lost in the archives look for things happen.  There is another it can be found if look around for the black hole. Oh! There are two black holes. Please help me, I am moving towards the black holes you can escape threw one or not. Choose a doorway and come back and save me, I want to exist!!!
black hole 
black hole
things happen 

The door open I felt him come in, he walked to the back of the Short Limb Saloon. I heard him speak “bar keep whiskey” he slid out a chair and sat at the back with the wall behind him. Who was this aspiration black Texan Hat, mounted black colt 44? Barkeep eight more chairs, the words filled the room. He sat there like a mountain of stone. Barkeep there is a rattle snake in my drink, bring me some tobacco. He took a cartage pulled out the slug and poured the power in his drink and put out his smoke in the glass. Flame shot through the roof. Then he quietly drank the ghastly brew in one gulp. The chairs filled one by one they sat staring at the window. You could see the intense communication between them, but could not hear a word. Who were they, were they here to rob the bank, was there going to be a gun fight? Then one bolted for the back door, the other sat and stared at the window. The barkeep now shivered with fear, to tell the truth I was not too sure that I should be here. Another left by the side door. Then it happen the swing doors fly open and there he stood, his nine shooters drawn, it was kid curios. “I saw that cat come here, where is that low down sneaking cat, I will fill you with lead you varmint.” Just then his tail whips the chair cutting the legs off like a chain saw. Hey mouse we got to get back to the heard, there is a storm brewing and those doggie mites stamped. The saloon was empty where did they go? Who were they?
Follow the trail to the black hole, the barkeep said “that the black hole gang”!

the back door

time loop

new life

the war front

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