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There are people standing on street corners with signs asking for a helping hand, no job and no place to stay. I started this blog as a gripe to complain about the economy, thus the spilt milk. However I need to bring in more money to keep my home. I am medically retired and receive a pension from social security. It is about one fourth of what I made when I was working.  I have look around the house to see what I could sell to pay my bills. I could not find anything of value that I could sell. The only thing I have is knowledge that I can sell or share. So here is " roy' garage sell and auction". Writing this blog is honest work. It is hard work with my disabilities’. The only revenue I receive is from the advertising place here. To this point it has paid me 88 cents. I am one step from joining the people on the street.  So if you find any value in my writing or of the content of it. You can pay me by donating any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated.  I do not want to losses my home.  All of what I have put here is free for you to use to share, make use of, with no cost to you. It does’s cost me to put it here. If you can please donate.   I am not asking for charity, just to be paid for the work I have done. Thank you in advance for your help and reading and visiting my blog and god bless.

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